What Your Knickers Say About You According To Psychologists

Although you may not realize it, the type of knickers you choose to wear says a lot about you and your personality. Whether your go-to style is kinky or casual, the underwear you choose says a lot about you. We’ve got the expert opinions of three different sex psychologist. They’ll be dishing the dirt on the different knicker styles and their meanings. 

High-Waisted: Quirky & Fun

If high-waisted knickers are your go-to underwear then it’s likely you know who you are and what you want. According to Ieva Kubiliute, psychologist & sex advisor, “when it comes to sex you’re comfortable expressing yourself both verbally and physically.” 

Thongs: You Take Charge

A person that wears thongs likes to take charge. Sexologist & relationship advisor Katie Lasson says people that wear thongs are natural born leaders. “If the thong is your weapon of choice you like to take charge. This is especially relevant in the bedroom. You know what you want and how you want to achieve it and if your partner isn’t up to the challenge you’ll find someone that is.”    

Fun fact: the first ever thong bikini was invented in 1974 by a French designer named Rudi Gernreich. It was considered incredibly risqué at the time.  

French Knickers: Hopeless Romantic

A nice pair of fancy french knickers is guaranteed to make anyone feel sexy. They’re worn from the hip down and conceal a small amount of the upper thigh and all of the bottom. “French knickers are generally worn by people that love foreplay, the longer the better for them.” says psychologist and sex therapist Tatyana Dyachenko. Throw in some rose petals and wine and you’ve achieved the French knicker wearers ideal date night. 

G-String: Adventurous

A G-string is a type of thong that has a narrow strip of material at the front and an even smaller strip at the back. Beware the person that wears this type of underwear means business. They are not afraid of a little discomfort and love experimenting in the bedroom. “A person that chooses to wear a G-string has an adventurous soul. If you’re not prepared to push the boundaries and explore new sexual heights then they’re not the person for you!” says Ieva Kubiliute, psychologist, sex & relationships advisor.  

Bikini Brief: Sexy But Practical

Beloved by all, bikini underwear is one of the most popular forms of underwear out there. They are generally smaller than traditional briefs making them feel a little bit sexier. The person that wears them isn’t afraid of anything, especially a little VPL. If you favor practicality over discomfort but still like to feel sexy then bikini briefs with a little bit of lace are a good option for you. 

Katie Lasson says “People that wear bikini briefs are playful, in the bedroom but are also really practical. They are people that want it all and why shouldn’t they get it?”  

Hipsters: Laid-Back

Hipster knickers are a hybrid between bikinis and boyshorts. They can be incredibly flattering as they sit just below the waistline. Psychologist and sex therapist Tatyana Dyachenko shares that a person that chooses hipster knickers is generally pretty laid-back about life. “They’re mild-mannered by nature and tend to go with the flow. They rarely plan ahead, preferring to be led by the moment.”  

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