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Shots Toys 4 Pack Small Teasing Wax Massage Candles


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Prepare a colorful environment for intense BDSM fetish play with the Teasing Wax Candles 4 Pack Small from the Shots Toys Brands.

In any form of sex, the environment communicates slot and will change the moods. When you have spent some decorating the room with flowers and scented candles, once your partner comes in, they will notice what you are you too, and you will adjust to the optimum state easily. That is in for the Teasing Wax Candles 4 Pack Small. The use of candles will set colorful addition in your surrounding, waiting for your kinky exploration. The candles can also be used for BDSM play to inflict pain with it; for instance, you can aim the candles at your partner’s back, thighs, bum, or shoulders. Always be careful to avowing delicate areas such as the ears or any other place on the face. Don’t forget to use safe words to keep up with your partner to know if they are okay or not. Although this candle burns off, its temperature is less than fifty degrees, meaning it will never burn the skin. The oils from the burned candle are incompatible with latex condoms and some sex toys; hence, ensure you keep them off.

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