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Shots Toys 4 Pack Large Teasing Wax Massage Candles



BDSM play, in most cases, is all about dominant and submissive partners. Even in the case of the sadists and the masochist, the sadist will always be on the dominant side while the latter is on the submissive side. You can enjoy BDSM fetish play today with the Teasing Wax Candles 4 Pack Large.

‘‘Ouch” is the sound your partner will produce for the first time, teasing them with the Teasing Wax Candles 4 Pack Large. This colorful BDSM accessory makes it easier for the BDSM partners to their submissive partners into an incredible work of fire art. This way, you will explore your fantasies without worrying about what the other thinks about as long as it is within the boundary. You can aim the candles at the thighs, back, buttock or stomach. Avoid any other delicate body parts, such as on the face. That will help you avoid unnecessary injuries. When the candle melts and the oils drop on some of the submissive partners’ skin, you will notice them twitching due to pleasure. Although you are playing with fire here, the temperatures of the melted candle are usually less than fifty degrees meaning it will not burn your partners. You can use the oils after burning the candle to offer your sub a warming massage.

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