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Sugar Coated Cola Flavoured Erotic Jelly Willies


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Are you looking for erotic adult snacks to add fun to your party? The sugar-coated sola-flavored jelly willies are one of the tastiest adult party snacks. These sweet-flavored willies are the most favorite snacks you are likely to find at adult parties. The sugar-coated cola flavored willy jellies are chewy soft jelly gummies. They are in fun willie shape that will leave the guests whispering with desire. They are meant to be eaten by women. If you want to host a hen party, you will need these sweets to spice up the fun. Women tend to be shy at times especially during parties. However, with these sweets you will enjoy the daring fun the ladies will be indulging in. These sugar-coated sweets are self-explanatory on their own and have a sweet cola flavor. The naughty and yummy sweets have a simple cola bottle shape with little cute willies. They are usually packed in bright-colored packed and are ready for consumption. Sugar-coated cola-flavored willies can be the sweetest thing you will ever chew. They are made of sugar glucose, flavorings, and citric acid. This product contains gelatin extracted from animal products, hence it’s not ideal for vegetarians. A box full of sweets measures 12.5 cm by 9.5 cm and contains 120 grams of jelly willies. Keep away the sweets from children’s reach.

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