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Shunga Flavored Massage Oil Stimulation Peach 240ml


Are you yearning for a sensual massage that will make you moan with pleasure? Use Shunga Massage Oil Stimulation Peach 240ml and let your partner give you a one-time unforgettable erotic massage.

This oil-based massageoil is safe for the body. It is compatible with various sex toys; hence apart from massaging, you can use it to pleasure yourself. You can also use it with condoms except for ones made of latex because it will reduce their quality. If you want to awaken all your sensual senses, use the Shunga Massage Oil Stimulation Peach 240ml during your massage session. Thislubeguarantees maximum pleasure in every drop applied. It easily adapts todifferent temperatures. You can warm or cool it for hot andcold sensations, respectively. The lubeallows long-lasting pleasure sessions because it does not dry off easily.

Moreover, it is water-resistant, meaning you can enjoy different sensations in the shower, bathtub, or pool. The Shunga massage oil peach easily glides on the skin because of its quality; hence your partner doesn’t have to exert force during the massage. It will guide them automatically. The lube package is discreet, ideal for people who value their privacy. Buy your massage oil today for an unforgettable massage experience.

Weight 0.28 kg
Lube Type

Oil Based

Liquid Volume

240 ml

For Who



Almond oil base



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