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Shunga Sensual Massage Oil Seduction Midnight Flower 240ml



Enjoy giving your partner a sensual massage and having earth-shattering pleasure during copulation using Shunga Massage Oil Seduction Midnight Flower 240ml.

This oil-based lube is carefully made to suit all your lubrication needs. It features high-quality stimulating properties that allow you to have more pleasure than other lubrications. Moreover, you can use it for an erotic massage after a day of hard work to relax your muscles in preparation for a great time with your partner. The best thing about this lube is that you can use it in aquatic conditions without worrying id being washed away. You may have sex anywhere in the swimming pool or the bathroom during a quickie. You will love thelubes once you use them because they will gather all the sensual pleasures in your body and let you experience one great moment with your partner, The Shunga brand knows what you want during massage and pleasure. That’s why they decided to bring you this incredible lube. It does not dry offer easily, meaning that you will have all the time you need to engage in pleasure once applied. Apartfrom increasing your pleasure, the lube also moisturizes and improves the texture of your skin. If you use the luberegularly, your skin will increase in quality, and anyonewill marvel at seeing it. If you want to ease the cleaning proceed, cover your bed with light sheets that will be easy to clean after playing.,

Weight 0.28 kg
Lube Type

Oil Based

Liquid Volume

240 ml

For Who



Almond oil base



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