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Shiatsu Love Water Based Lubricant Edible Raspberry 75ml


Buy shiatsu love raspberry edible sex lube water-based 75ml from Shiatsu Lubricants and spice things up in your sex life while experiencing satisfying and sensual sexual pleasures.

This lube is what you want for some pleasurable oral sex climax and satisfying sexual intercourse. It comes in raspberry flavor, something you would want to explore for some pleasurable blowjobs and foreplay with your partner. Consider adding it to your toy collection and experience sensual and sensational sexual pleasures. It contains numerous ingredients, including glucose, lactic acid, aqua water, sodium saccharin, potassium sorbate, and aroma flavor. Since it is water-based, you can use this amazing sex lubricant on different sex toys and condoms. With this amazing lube in your collection, you are guaranteed a safe, sensual, and comfortable sexual experience.

The shiatsu love raspberry edible water-based sex lube 75ml can be used by males and females who want to explore a safe and satisfying sexual experience. Its stimulating and delicious flavor allows you to enjoy using it anytime you apply your tongue. Experience erotic and pleasurable oral sex climax with this amazing lube. It is also easy to wash yourself and the toys after the play to get rid of the lube. However, this lube might not be ideal for people who prefer underwater pleasures since it can be washed off easily.

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