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Creative Conceptions Sexy 6 Dice Foreplay Edition Erotic Fun Pleasure


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Experience extreme sensational pleasures by playing erotic fantasy sex games for a steamy, sultry, and orgasmic experience using the thoughtfully crafted Sexy 6 Couples Foreplay Dice Game Foreplay Edition.

Play this erotic fantasy dice game in bed with your partner for intense foreplay and seduction. This sexy dice game allows you to showcase your naughtiness, build sexual fantasies, understand your partner’s sex kinks, and most importantly, wrap up the evening with some hot steamy sex. The game has 6 dices, with over 720 sex scenes, kinks, and naughty seduction scenarios thoughtfully designed to turn on the heat. Try out these must-do scenarios and stretch your erotic fantasy and imagination to the limit.

If everything is done right, you can rest easy because foreplay will be taken care of, plus the dice game will decide the fate of your night with your partner. The erotic game has 6 erotic sex kinks that add to the course of your foreplay and will spare you the awkwardness of walking right into the sex act. All you have to do is take turns to control the dice and ensure to follow through with the scenarios as determined by the dice game. Do that and make your romantic night as pleasurable and memorable as possible.

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720 Seductive Scenarios


Creative Conceptions

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