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Kheper Sex Card Game


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Enjoy a romantic evening by playing erotic fantasy sex games for a steamy, sultry, and orgasmic experience thanks to the thoughtfully designedSex Card Game Erotic Adult Foreplay and Sex Position Game.

Stay up with your partner at the comfort of your bed and play this erotic sex position and foreplay fantasy game. This card game grants you the opportunity to showcase your naughtiness, build sexual fantasies, understand your partner’s liking, and most importantly, wrap up the evening with some hot steamy sex. Each sex card in this card game illustrates either a sex position or an erotic foreplay activity that should be acted upon. With over 100,000 possible fantasies, you can stretch your romantic imagination to the limit.

With this thoughtful Sex Card Game Erotic Adult Foreplay and Sex Position Game, you can rest easy and let fate decide how you spend the rest of your romantic evening with a partner. The game can go three ways; you can compete with your partner towards the ultimate fantasy of passion, you can leave your fate to the fortune teller, or you can build your fantasy by learning what your partner is into. Grab this unisex card game and inject some romance into your otherwise monotonous bedroom routine.

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