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Rouge Garments Leather Croc Print Paddle With Black Accessories


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Buy the short leather bondage paddle black on one side and burgundy snake prink on the other from Rouge Garments for erotic and intense BDSM play with your partner.

This bondage paddle is perfectly designed for couples who want to venture into BDSM scenes. The tool can be used by males and females who prefer intense bondage play. It can give you extreme pain and sensational pleasures when used correctly. The bondage paddle is broad enough, making it a perfect tool for beginners and advanced bondage players. You can use this amazing tool with other BDSM accessories like blindfolds, cuffs, masks, or gags for extremely pleasurable and intense play. With this incredibly designed bondage tool in your collection, you are guaranteed satisfying and sensational pleasures.

The erotic bondage paddle with a flexible handle for couples is an amazing bondage toy to pleasure your partner with. However, when using this tool, be careful with your partner to prevent any injuries. Only use this paddle on fleshy body parts like the butt cheeks and thighs. Hitting your partner on parts like the spine or around the bones might cause injuries. Also, apply plenty of lube before using the tool to prevent injuries and increase sensations. Wipe the bondage paddle after every play for hygienic purposes.

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