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Pjur Woman Nude Water Based Personal Lubricant 100ml / 3.4fl oz



Dive into intense sensational stimulations either in solo or partnered play using the incredibly formulated Pjur Woman Nude Water-Based Personal Intimate Sex Lube, 100ML.

An amazing award-winning formula that delivers an extra and long-lasting sensation more than what you expected. This intimate lube is specially formulated for softer, more sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested and confirmed to be compatible with the skin and mucous membranes of the female body. No additives are added to this lube. Keep an intimacy kit by your bedside. Massage lotion, repair cream, and lubricant. We even made the pour spout one of a kind so you can see how much is left in the bottle. This smooth lubricant will leave your skin feeling soft and with more moisture. Apply this lubricant daily and to whatever body part you wish to apply.

The lubricant is made free from paraben and is oil-free, making it easy to clean as it leaves no mark. This non-greasy lubricant is free of glycine and other allergic materials that might be harmful to those with very sensitive skin. Help nurture your skin and give it that natural glow that it deserves with this personal lube. The lubricant is packaged in a 100ML tube that is the ultimate choice for you. Add this item to your cart now.

Weight 0.12 kg
Lube Type

Water Based

Liquid Volume

100ml / 3.4fl oz

For Who



Preservative Free


Pjur Lubricants

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