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Pjur Med Vegan Glide Intimate Personal Lubricant 100ml / 3.4fl oz



Enjoy a worry-free sensational experience with this amazingly formulated and dermatologically tested Pjur Med Vegan Glide Water-Based Intimate Personal Sex Lube, 100ML.

Your intimate care and hygiene are as important as the sex itself. This lubricant is made to be 100% safe for use and dermatologically tested. This means that you have the protection and soothing help you may need with this product. Its specially designed formula ensures that this lubricant is made from preservative-free water-based ingredients picked from natural trees and is made free of animal fat and oils. The formula is also free from perfume, meaning that you can apply it expecting a very natural odor coming from it. It also doesn’t contain parabens and glycerin as it is mostly water-based.

This smooth lubricant is safe for women with very sensitive skin and membranes. This water-Based personal sex lube is a favorite among vegan customers who love it because the making of this lubricant involves no animal testing and ingredients. This personal lube favors everybody and is sure to last longer when applied to every part of the skin. Gift this lubricant to your vegan friends and family as an act of love and kindness as they get to enjoy tantalizing smoothness. Add this amazing lubricant to your lubricant collection to enjoy.

Weight 0.14 kg
Lube Type

Water Based

Liquid Volume

100ml / 3.4fl oz

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