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Passion Waterproof Strawberry Bath Salts Cards 5oz



Introduce a new flavor into your kinky game with this powerfully made Sensuality Pomegranate Bath Salts With 5 Activity Cards, 50z made to take your bath time to the moon and back.

Do not leave your bathroom without having a little pleasure alone or with your partner. Get this powerful product filled with sensuality pomegranate bath salts to help you find more pleasure in your bathtub. The product is packed with plenty of bath salts and waterproof game cards to turn your bath time into amazing sensations. It has a strawberry scent meant to excite and open up your passionate senses

This producthas 5 powerful waterproof foreplay activity cards that will heat your romance and help you get to know your lover on a more sensual level. The cards come in gorgeous colors to seduce your sensual senses and lover for a hot kinky play.The product adds more points to reach orgasmic bliss and helps you to pamper yourself and your lover with incredible sensuality foreplay activity. Since the cards are waterproof, just sock yourself against your lover’s body and connect with romance as you touch each other gently spreading the soft water across your skin.

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