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Shots Toys Set of 3 Massage Candles for Couples



If you want to have a good time with your partner, buy the Ouch Set Of 3 Massage Candles and give them a sensual and bond-enhancing body massage.

The massage candles are meant for couples who want to explore sensual body massage before diving into explosive sexual intercourse. They are formulated to enhance body massage and come in a set of three, allowing you to have a great time without any limitations. They also burn at a lower temperature of 46c, making them safe for your skin. You don’t have to worry when using them on your partner’s skin since they do not produce intense heat. These massage candles are formulated from body-safe ingredients, including essential oil, coconut wax, and soy wax, making them ideal for sensual body massage.

The triple massage candle is a complete package for sensual and pleasurable foreplay. All you need is light them and have a great massage session with your partner. However, although they might be appropriate for massage, do not use them on your latex condoms and sex toys.Also, do not leave the candle or your partner unattended whenever you are using these massage candles. If your partner starts to feel irritated and uncomfortable during the play, consider stopping and checking on them.

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