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Shots Toys Rose Scented Massage Candle 100g for Couples


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Buy the Rose-Scented Ouch Massage Candle and experience thrilling foreplay and massage moments with your partner.

The massage candle is designed perfectly for couples who want to explore different sexual fantasies. It is expertly formulated to set up the mood for sensual massage and transforms it into intense and deliciously scented sexual intercourse. This massage oil is what you need to drizzle on your partner’s body to turn the sensations into an extremely kinky massage. It provides a light, slick lubrication, and a delicious scent. It also has an amazing rose scent to leave you with incredible sensations and smells worth having. With this incredible massage candle in your collection, you are sure of experiencing a sensual massage you have never had before.

The massage candle burns at a lower temperature of 46c than other candles. This makes it one of the safest choices to consider if you need a breath-taking body massage. It can barely burn your skin; hence, there is no need to worry when using it on your partner’s body. However, you should focus only on body parts like the shoulders, back, thighs, butt, or stomach to prevent injuring delicate and sensitive parts. Also, do not use the molten massage candle on your sex toy, condom, or latex.

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