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Mister Size 64mm Pure Feel 3 Pack Extra Thin Condoms



Are trying to find out how you can eliminate your sexual problems? Buy these Mister Size 64mm Your Size Pure Feel Condoms made to take your sex life to a different level.

These incredibly designed condoms can make you experience a new erotic wave with your partner. They come in three quality-proven packet sizes to ensure that you are sufficiently stocked and safe. The products are made from extremely stretchy materials to give you comfort when wearing and removing and for easy adjustment during sex. Luckily, the condoms are lubed up to eliminate the pressure to buy lubricants and allow you to enjoy a worry-less experience.

The condoms are made in an extra-thin style to reduce any risk of bursting during sex. They have enough space at their tips for your ejaculation during sex. They are also moist to offer unforgettable feelings for your intimate touches, while enhancing a longer and stronger erection, especially in people with erection problems. The manufacturers have followed all safety rules during the production to ensure your safety. These products are shipped in 7 different sizes, ranging from 47 mm to 69 mm to help you get the right size for your hard cock.

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Extra Thin for a pure feeling


Mister Size

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