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Mister Size 64mm Pure Feel 10 Pack Extra Thin Condoms



Fix your sexual pleasures any time you want with these wonderfully made Mister Size 64 Mm Your Size Pure Feel Condoms created to let you enjoy moments or move mountains easily.

If you have sex problems like failure to maintain a stronger and longer erection, here is the best option to bank on. These products are moist and lubed up perfectly to allow you to improve your sex every night. They are made from smooth, enjoyable, safe, phthalate, and latex-free materials to give your skin a nice touch plus offer you a whole world of flavor. The space left after wearing gives room for your ejaculation during sex. They have gone through medical testing and are certified by relevant authorities.

These proven quality condoms have optimal safety that breeds confidence to deliver maximum emotional and physical pleasure. The products are non-sticky, easy to clean off, and slippery making them the best alternatives to original condoms. If you are looking to save money, buy these lubed-up condoms to avoid spending money on lubricants. Once you have found your ideal size, wear on an erect clean penis and lube up if you wish for more fun. Dispose of them correctly and wash off the residues after every session.

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Extra Thin for a pure feeling


Mister Size

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