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Mister Size 60mm Pure Feel 36 Pack Extra Thin Condoms



If your research revolves around finding the best condoms to give you enjoyable and frustration-free sex, get this Mister Size 60mm Your Size Pure Feel Condoms made to take your bond to the next level.

These powerful condoms can make you achieve your sexual fantasies without any sexual problems. They are made from safe and stretchy materials, making them ideal for your sensitive, elegant penis. They are lubed up to allow you to enjoy the moment fully.  Nonetheless, they are moist and extremely smooth to offer unforgettable feelings for your intimate touches that create great pleasure running through your body. The condoms are made in an extra-thin design to prevent bursting during sex while providing a sensual sensuality.

The condoms comply with the ISO standards and are certified by the relevant authority to ensure your comfort and safety. They come in different sizes, ranging from 47 mm to 69 mm to help you get the right size for your hard cock. Furthermore, they are shipped in three packed sizes to ensure you do not miss sex even a single night. Even though they are lubed up, still you can add more lubricant to your skin and onto the condom after wearing for more safety and smooth penetration.

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Extra Thin for a pure feeling


Mister Size

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