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Mister Size 60mm Pure Feel 10 Pack Extra Thin Condoms



Do you wish to experience a mind-blowing sensation with your partner? Order this powerful Mister Size 60mm Your Size Pure Feel Condoms 10 Pack made to help you explore your sexual fantasies.

Every couple aspires to achieve great sex in their intimate games, especially when it comes to vaginal and anal penetration. Thanks to the Mister Size brand, you do not need a mighty beast to fully enjoy the moment or move mountains.  These powerful condoms are made from smooth materials for the right feel with those intimate touches that send shivers of pleasure running through your body.  They are created in an extra-thin design to prevent bursting during sex. Also, they are extremely slippery because of lubing up to allow you experience a smooth vaginal or anal penetration.

The condoms come in several sizes to ensure you get your ideal size and everything fits perfectly. They come in three packed sizes to ensure you are sufficiently stocked. Moreover, they are phthalate and latex-free to provide a worry-less and intense experience. Open the packet with clean hands and wear on an erect and lubed-up penis. After every session, dispose correctly and wash hands in soapy water to maintain hygiene.

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Extra Thin for a pure feeling


Mister Size

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