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Mister Size 49mm Pure Feel 36 Pack Extra Thin Condoms



Feel total pure in your sex life with Mister Size 49mm Your Size Pure Feel Condoms created to offer a smooth and easy penetration during an intimate play.

Extra thin condoms have gained popularity as the best alternatives to safe and protected sex. Thus, this masterpiece is the best companion for your sensitive, elegant penis. The products have emerged to be the most loved bedroom essentials because of their extra thin and moist characteristics. They are designed to fit your penis perfectly resulting in a stronger and long-lasting erection. Moreover, they are lubed with the best lubricants to enhance a smooth and easy penetration. The condoms come in 7 different sizes, ranging from 47mm to 67 mm for every man to get what fits his penis perfectly

The products come in three different packet sizes 3-pieces to try out in the field. There are also extra 10 pieces for the following nights. Moreover, they have enough space left at the tips to provide room for your ejaculation. The condoms comply with all safety standards making them more ideal for your sensitive penis. Even though they are lubed up, you can add more lubricant for easy penetration and pleasure.  Always use bare hands when opening the packet to avoid damaging the condom.

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Extra Thin for a pure feeling


Mister Size

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