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Shots Toys Red Love Heart Rose Scented Soap Bar



Wash off all the toxic substances that lower the quality of your skin by having a sexy hot bath with your partner using the Love Heart Rose Scented Soap Bar from the Shits Toys Brands.

Having a beautiful bath with your partner is the dream of everyone. However, a normal bath may be nothing, and you will feel that there is no significance. But when you have the Love Heart Rose Scented Soap Bar, you will complain why you never discovered it earlier. The soap comes with a rose flower scent, meaning once you start your session, the scent fills the bathroom and makes both of you feel the presence of the other. Moreover, the intimacy between you will increase. The soap is also shaped like a love sign meaning you can buy it and gift your partner as a romantic novelty gift; you can then have a shower together, which may develop into a hot romantic session. The soap is blended with high-quality medicinal ingredients. Apart from making the atmosphere lovely, the soap also fights the toxic substances on your skin. This will give your skin a youthful, natural glow that will live all your admirers wishing it was theirs. Moreover, using this soap for a long time makes your skin supple, smooth, and soft to touch, and that’s the skin that anyone would love to have.

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Washing Instructions

Hot soapy water



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Rose Scented


Shots Toys

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