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KY Hydrate Natural Feeling Lube 50ml for Couples


Application of this product before sex is very useful; the items prevent much friction and give deeper penetration leading to sensational pleasure.

You can also apply this product with a latex condom because natural rubber is well compatible with this product. An application of these products makes you enjoy the sensational feelings when you penetrate deeper to g-spot. This item contains flavors that send a good smell to the room. The hyaluronic acid compound in the item helps maintain the PH of the pussy constant. It prevents the bad smell from the vagina. By doing that, it makes both of you enjoy sex comfortably. This item is fragrance-free, a compound that may result in irritation on your private part.

Furthermore, this compound helps to control the hormones that raise sensational feelings. However, it is made hormones-free or parabens to ensure your safety when having pleasure. The total capacity of this product is 5oml. It is made of glycerin, water, flavor, and other compounds. Reduction of high friction and provision of deeper penetration is led by glycerin compound in the mixture. Water from the compound assists in keeping your vagina wet throughout the process. Flavors in the products help to give a good scent while the acid provides unfavorable conditions to bacteria, causing smell.

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