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Kamasutra Multi-Colored Play Card Game Couples Sex Positions


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Have you ever tried taking your pleasure to the next level by using fun cards? This is amazing that you can switch to almost all the sex style positions that bring an excellent sensation.

These cards play game is made to be used by adults to have successful healthy sex. The game is unisex, all beginners, intermediate and experience expertise can adapt and use it perfectly. It is equipped with 50 different sex style positions that give an excellent experience. The cards are available in both male and female packages. You can use a card as a reference for a specific sex style position during maximum pleasure. These cards are designed with differenttechniques. Each card has a full image of a certain sex style position. The storage box has a pack of 54 cards. Kamasutra deck has an addition of 112 playing cards which has 99 sex style positions. Each card has detailed information that illustrates each sex style position on how to do it. Partners who play this fun game are winners. Because the cards are made classic for the game. You can ensure to add these fantastic cards to your sex toy collection, it plays a major role in sex position during erotic sex

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