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Kama Sutra Intimate Caress Pomegranate Shave Cream



Explore your partner’s body by use of your tongue and mouth with this fantastic intimate caress jelly. Enhance skin sensitivity and let your partner caress with their hands, tongue or mouth.

This product increases the softness of your skin and enhances its sensual sensitivity. The product can explore your sexual characters and philosophy and create the required sensation. Additionally, this product can help take away all sexual cravings, explore different sex style positions and bring an excellent sensation. You can use it to shave and allow your partner to caress and touch you gently to stimulate sensational feelings. After shaving, a smooth, moisturized and soft skin created by this product will make your partner want to continue caressing you. The material used to make this product will entice your mind to create sexual cravings. Jojoba seed oil and aloe Vera material used helps increase the skin’s softness. This product is made of beautiful perfume that scents a good smell in the bedroom. Applying this oil lube on your skin will make you more attractive and look sexy that your partner will want to kiss every time. This product is available in a 250ml bottle and is made to be used by both genders.

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