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Shots Toys Water Based Lube 300ml


Explore your fantasies with smooth and pleasurable sensations using fist I water-based lube 300nl.

The lube is compatible with sex toys and other sex toy accessories such as latex condoms. It is tested dermatologically and approved to be free from harmful chemicals that may harm the human body. For that reason, the safety of your skin is guaranteed. The lube has a neutral concentration; hence, it does notalter your body fluids’ PH, thus enhancing the natural feeling. Also, the lube does not have any contraceptives for spermicides. Thus, you are free to indulge n pleasure with peace of mind for aslong as you like. The high-quality material used to make the lube gives it its long-lasting property. It does not dry off faster, thus giving you more time to explore your partner with ease. For good results, apply a generous amount of this lube to the required area during foreplay before the action heats up. The ingredients used for making the lube include citric acid, lactic acid, sodium benzoate, phenyleneglycine, sodium hydroxide., allantoin and sodium chloride. These ingredients are skilfully mixed proportionally to come up with the lube of neutral concentration. Store it in a cool and dark place so that t will not degrade due to light and heat from the sun.

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