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Shots Fist It Submerge Petroleum Jelly 500ml



Lubricate your partner with this fragranced lube that will keepyou wanting more pleasure.

The lube is produced by the world’s famous sex toy company – Shot Toys. It has both moisturizing and softening effects. Also, its sweet fragrance will raiseboth you and yourpartner’s pleasure spirit. It does not dry off once applied hence giving you more time to embrace your pleasure moments. Moreover, the lube is hypoallergenic with no latex, harmfulchemicals, or phthalates that may put you in harm’s way. It is a perfect lube for both vaginal and anal sex – it reduces the risk of wounds and lacerations. Grab your package today and have tantalizing pleasures. The container is skillfully designed, so you will have an easy time when withdrawing the oil from it. What’s more, the lube is non-sticky – making it easy to wash off the sheets. It is compatible with latex gloves and condoms. Apply a generous amount to the area desired when having foreplay.  Not only does it guarantee exclusive pleasures, but it also takes care of your skin. By softening and moisturizing, your skin will never crack or become stiff. After use, store it in a cool, dry, and dark place. Keep out of children’s reach.

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Shots Toys

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