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Shots Toys Fist it Sperm Lubricant 300ml



Explore unhindered sensational stimulations from both anal and vaginal penetration using the magically formulated Fist It Sperm Lubricant.

As the name suggests, this sex lube is ideal for enthusiasts of long-lasting and creamy sessions. Despite being water-based, the lube is perfectly formulated to last longer after application. It is perfect for use with latex condoms, and you wouldn’t have to run into issues like condom busts. The sex lube features an ultra-thick and sleek texture that allows you endless hours of stimulation to exhaust your pleasures. You can choose to use it in solo or partnered play, and with sex toys. Whichever way you go, you are guaranteed incredible sensations. To eliminate unwanted friction, consider applying plenty of this sex lube.

As a precautionary measure, keep the tube out of reach of children and store it in a cool, dark place. The perfect formulation of this lube includes ingredients such as aqua, glycerin, menthol, sodium hydroxide, propylene, and phenoxyethanol, among others. The tube packs 300 ml of the formula and is enough to keep you going for hours at a time. The lube is remarkably mess-free, and a simple wipe-down will clean it. It is ideal for both genders, so grab yours and enjoy extreme sensational pleasures with your partner.

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Washing Instructions

Wipe down

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