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Fist It Hybrid Water And Silicone-Based Lube 500ml



Have you ever wondered is silicone and water-based lube feel like when used together? Experience the exhilarating effect of both silicone and water-based lube combination by trying Fist It Hybrid Water and Silicone Lube 500ml.

This lube combination provides the best for its users. It is compatible with flashlight sex toys and latex condoms. It does not dry off easily once you make the application. That will give you more time to play before it eventually dries off. Since the lube has silicone, it is not good to use it with silicone-based lube sex accessories. Additionally, the lube is fragrance-free, odorless, tasteless, and sticky. You will not experience disgusting smells while having sex play. Even when you accidentally swallow it, do not panic as it is safe for the human, and it will taste like ordinary water; hence you are free to explore blowjobs and deep throats. Keep it out of children’s less they take it as an ordinary oil. Store in a dark and dry palace to maintain its quality even after a long time. The bottle package f the lube is inconspicuous; hence you can r=travel with the lube to anywhere you want.  The unique ingredients used to make the lube include laureth-7, C13-14 Iso-paraffin, polyacrylamide, dimethicone, and phenoxyethanol.

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Washing Instructions

Wipe down

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Compatible with gloves and condoms


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