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Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Position Master With Metal Cuffs



Go beyond your physical limits by engaging in sexual play with fetish fantasy series position master with metal cuffs.

The inflatable pillow features a smooth center skillfully designed using a sturdy nylon strap. These straps connect to the high-quality, heavy-duty metal cuffs. When you position your partner in the bend-over position, they will b rendered immobile due to the cuffs with an O-ring to maximize their safety. The cushion helps your partner to maintain several comfortable sex positions for a long time. That provides a perfect opportunity for lovers who need to venture deep into bondage sex. The pillow prevents straining, discomfort, or sprains when having a rough sexual play. The seams are reinforced with high quality and durable plastic. Inflation of the wedge takes the shortest time possible so that you get yourself going almost immediately. The adjustable straps are comfortable to snag your partner comfortably. The cuffs are soft to feel and come with comfortable vinyl touch. The toy becomes small and discreet; hence, it makes a good travel partner. The cushion’s design is ideal for an enormous amount of pressure that encourages dep thrusting and elevation of pleasure to the peak. Wash by wiping down with a wet towel.

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Washing Instructions

Wipe down

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