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ElectraStim Square Self Adhesive ElectraPads (4 Pack)



Stimulate all the sensitive zones in your body with the sensational electrastim square self-adhesive Electra pads, set of 4 from ElectraStim, for a pleasurable sexual experience.

The pads are designed perfectly to give you sensational and pleasurable stimulations throughout the play. These pads come in 4 sets, allowing you to put them in 4 distinctive areas for pleasurable sexual moments. You can staple them in any part of the body from your waist, including the thighs. The electrastim square self-adhesive Electra pad stimulators guarantee maximum pleasures and sensational foreplay sessions. They are designed for both males and females. However, you can choose to use them in a solo or partnered play for extra sensations. Remember to apply plenty of water-based sex lubricant on your skin before stapling the pads for comfortable and enjoyable stimulation.

The pads feature a wired controller for adjusting the vibrating speeds to the desired level of stimulation. They are incredibly easy to use and clean. Consider these sensational electrastim square Electra stimulating pads for pleasurable sex and foreplay. The square pads conduct electrostimulation, which creates powerful pulsations and tingles to enhance intensified sensations. This toy will create sensational tingles all over your body, giving you a timely orgasmic experience. Wear your pads during sex for increased pleasures and extreme sensations.

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