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Durex Play 2in1 Massage Gel And Sensual Lube 200ml



The Durex Play Ylang Ylang 2in1 Massage Gel And Sensual Lube 200mlis a unique lube that provides gentle arousing stimulations.

The play sensual massage 2 in 1 gel lube is produced by Durex condoms. It is a high-quality product made of natural ingredients with no chemical components. This massage lube features a soft, smooth, and silky sensation on the body. The lube can be used by both men and women. It has a delicate fragrance that makes it suitable for all body applying. The gel massage provides an arousing aromatherapy experience when used in massage. It includes Ylang Ylang, a powerful flower found in rainforests regions, especially around the Pacific island. This wonderful flower has a sweet, pleasing smell that provides an erotic sexual smell in the bedroom. Use this amazing massage lube before intercourse to set the mood for a steamy night with your partner. The Durex Play Ylang Ylang 2in1 Massage Gel And Sensual Lube 200ml are very hypoallergenic and body safe with all skin types. Enjoy stimulating sensations during lovemaking when massaging the body with this wonderful 2 in one gel. It comes in a twist bottle of 200ml that facilitates easy access to the lube.

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Liquid Volume



Smooth And Silky


Durex Condoms

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