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Shots Toys Dirty Bitch Sexy Soap Bar


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Bath or soak yourself in the lather produced by the Dirty Bitch Soap Bar and experience cool sensations with relaxed muscles and tingling sensations.

With this soap in your collection, you can soak yourself in sublime water and make you are your partner wet. The creamy surged, and lather creams produced by the Dirty Bitch Soap Bar will make your body feel luxurious and cool. After having sex or a day full of work, your body produces a waste product that forms layers on your skin. The smell might be disgusting, and it may be embarrassing for some partners to have oral sex. However, with the Dirty Bitch Soap Bar, you can wash your body and give it luxuries feel that your partner will want to eat up whole after looking at you. The sop can also make you experience sild and wet liquid fun that you have never experienced. It allows you to explore swimming pool sex or any other water region. The ingredients used to make this soap are scientifically proven safe for your skin. Not only do they have the ability to protect your skin, but they also give it a natural youthful glow. They include sodium chloride, panthenol, phenoxyethanol, perfume, aqua, glycerine, sodium palmate, and Sodium Palm Kernelate.

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