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Bijoux Indiscrets Sensations Scented Massage Candle



Set your lover’s hot-blooded body on fire with thisamazing Sensations Intimate Erotic Massage Candle for Romance made to give you an incredible sensation.

Massaging is one of the greatest ways of relishing your body pleasure and preparing for steamy vaginal or anal sex. Thus, it requires this powerful romantic candle to create multiple orgasms. The product is made from natural ingredients, such as vegetable oils to pamper your skin and take you to orgasmic bliss more quickly. The vegetable oil is slightly warmed by the exotically romantic candle at the center of the container to arouse you and your partner. This product produces a deliciously perfumed aroma that transports you to a world of erotic pleasure and leaves your skin glowing with a sweet-smellingaroma.

This powerful message controller comes with an erotically stimulating candlelight to offer you a powerful ambiance and atmosphere for glorious fun. The candle melts at a very low temperature to avoid skin burns. This product is perfumed with the bijoux indiscrete essence fragrance to provide a fantastic environment. Moreover, it has the sweetness of rose, wood, spice, and the exotic essence of jasmine for a powerful sensation. Simply light the wick, burn the candle, drizzle the melted oil onto your lover, and massage gently to create unending stimulation.

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Bijoux Indiscrets

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