Vibrating Vaginas

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Fancy some alone time with a flesh-colored and life-sized but vibrating rendition of the life-like vagina? Well, the sex toy industry has come along to offer this amazing accessory for males. Vibrating vaginas come with in-built vibrators and accompanying features like a butt, vulva, and a realistic vaginal opening. If you want some quality alone time, grab one of the Vibrating Vaginas and experience intense penile stimulation with these life-like vaginas.

This post will discuss the various types of vibrating vaginas, their features, and how to best shop for one based on your needs and preferences.

What are Vibrating Vaginas?

Vibrating vaginas are sex accessories with a realistic vagina that may or may not have additional features such as the butt. It is a rendition of the life-like female genitalia, but it is powered with an in-built vibrator that strokes your penis to deliver mind-blowing orgasms. Also, since the condition is usually short-lived and mild in many cases, people may not see the importance of informing a doctor, hence becoming difficult to determine how common they occur. However, people are readily willing to share vibrating vaginas in the various online forums because their identities are anonymous. Even in such forums, it is difficult which group is likely to experience vibrating vaginas. However, anyone is likely to feel a buzzing or vibrating sensation in their vagina at any time since it is an everyday experience.

How Does It Feel?

The feeling of a vibrating vagina is largely subjective, depending on the individual. However, the basic feeling is vibrating, buzzing, humming, tingling, or throbbing. These vibrations may come, stay for a while and go, or be alternated with numbness. To some people, this is normal, while to others, the feeling is unusual, uncomfortable, and even painful. Other people report that this annoying feeling sometimes may occur severally, whether standing or seated.

Besides the genital area, vibration may spread to other body areas through the body muscles. For instance, some people have reported experiencing the tingling sensation in their thighs, butt, and calf. The vaginal spasms may also result in vibrations in the arm muscles.

Causes of Vibrating Vaginas

Complex muscles support vaginas, and it may be difficult to tell the source of the buzzing feeling. However, it is purported that vaginal vibrations are caused by anxiety, stress, fatigue, caffeine or alcohol consumption, or effects caused by certain medications. Furthermore, disorders in the pelvic floor may result in muscle spasms extending to the vaginal area. Such disorders could be caused by menopause, straining, childbirth, aging, or obesity.

The spasms or muscle contractions near the vagina may also be caused by vaginismus. This condition arises when one has sexual intercourse while undergoing a pap test or tampon insertion. Moreover, vaginal vibrations are associated with paresthesia, which is one of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Paresthesia is characterized by strange sensations, such as numbness, prickling, or tingling. These sensations arise in different body parts, and genitals are not exempted.

Another common cause of vaginal vibrations is when one is turned on or about to have an orgasm. In many cases, these feelings are usually short-lived and are not accompanied by much pain. Moreover, people report having buzzing sensations in their genital area after orgasm. Although these feelings may not stay for long, they may be severe, indicating that there might be some health complications.

Other people experience vaginal spasms when highly aroused. This happens when blood flows to the vulva, making the vagina wet and swell slightly. This arousal may be tingling or throbbing to some people and should not cause any alarm or concern.

Are There Any Remedial Steps?

The vibrations in or near the vagina usually come and go and are temporarily replaced by numbness. For pregnant women, these sensations may stay on until after giving birth. However, if the feeling gets worse or annoying, one can take several remedial steps. For instance, one can carry out Kegel exercise, strengthening the muscles in the pelvic floor. Moreover, some people are good at relaxing and focusing on another issue other than the vibrations, which helps ease the feeling. One can also rest or have enough sleep at night, eat well, and drink sufficient water.

The steps above can help relieve these weird sensations, though they might not work in the long run. The vibrations may become quite frequent and annoying and may be accompanied by other complications. In such cases, it may be necessary to consult a doctor if everything gets serious, persistent, stressful, and accompanied by other problems. Other situations that may prompt you to consult a doctor include; Numbness in the vaginal area, characterized by the absence of sensations

, pain when having sexual intercourse or inserting a tampon

, unusual vaginal discharge

, frequent urination at times accompanied by pain

and inflammations or swellings in the genital area.

There are ways the victim can express their condition to the doctor, such as mentioning any previously diagnosed health complications and any over-the-counter or medical prescriptions, dietary supplements, or any herbs taken, or in case of pregnancy.

The Bottom Line

Our bodies can react to numerous sensations, which may be strange and serious, while others may raise no alarm because they are mild. Health complications may cause these sensations, but the cause may be difficult to determine in some cases. However, if the feeling gets worse or annoying, take remedial steps. For instance, one can carry out Kegel exercise, strengthening the muscles in the pelvic floor. Moreover, some people are good at relaxing and focusing on another issue other than the vibrations, which helps ease the feeling. One can also rest or have enough sleep at night, eat well and drink sufficient water.

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