Realistic Masturbators

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Not all men are into masturbation for several reasons, such as taboo stories. However, the current generation has men who want to explore their sexuality and are willing to take things to the next level. Numerous sex toys help men explore their sexuality, in the absence of a woman, through masturbation.

What Is a Realistic Masturbator?

It is a sex toy that offers the same pleasure a man gets from a woman. This sex toy is designed with everything a vagina can provide and is customized to suit a man’s needs. For instance, they are designed with different textures on the outside and inside, giving the user the option of turning them inside out for varied stimulations. Moreover, they can offer one the option of mouth, vaginal or anal penetration. Other realistic masturbators are designed with real women’s tunnels.

Using the Realistic Masturbator

The first step is knowing the real purpose of owning a realistic masturbator and its effect on one’s sexual life. Masturbators can be used to add fun, either alone or with a sexual partner. This sex toy can be incorporated at any stage of sexual activity, though it is commonly used to spice up the foreplay session. Since every man has different preferences, there is no single masturbator that is termed best. It is good to start with the simplest devices before learning more tricks as a beginner.

Before having fun with this sex toy, it is recommended to have an appropriate water-based lubricant in adequate supply, which is the best since it can be used with many toys without adverse effects. The tunnel, vaginal, and anal opening of the masturbator has to be properly lubed up. The next step is lubing up one’s penis for easier penetration into the toy’s tunnel. With enough lubrication, the penis should penetrate effortlessly into the tunnel, and the user can then use forward and backward strokes to please themselves. With the pleasure offered by this magical sex toy, the man will get aroused quickly, culminating in a breath-taking orgasm.

The Positions to Take with Realistic Masturbators

Some people will prefer sitting on a couch, a remote in their hand, and a sex toy on the other hand. This way, one will watch their favorite program as they pump their penis with the masturbator, bringing themselves to a powerful orgasm wherever they are. However, one can take the game to another level by incorporating other positions and activities such as:

Lying on the Back. The arousal’s intensity can be increased by lying on one’s back, with one hand stroking the penis with the masturbator. This way, one has a perfect view of the toy as it slides up and down their penis, with all the lube getting smeared all over the shaft repeatedly. This sight, accompanied by the feeling of the penis’ motions, can bring one to a heavenly orgasm.

Suction. The realistic masturbators have holes or openings on either end. The suction feeling can be achieved by covering one end of the device using the hand. As the toy is withdrawn, there’s a suction feeling on the penis. Add this feeling to that when the penis slides against the tunnel’s inner walls, and the night can be most enjoyable.

Foreplay. Not only does masturbating help a man blow their nut while alone, but also used to add fun to the sexual antics between a couple. In this case, the man has to leave the female partner using the masturbator to stroke his penis until it gets hard. Also, the woman can stimulate the man to full orgasm, making the man last longer when they eventually penetrate the real vagina.

Water play. It is only possible when the masturbator is compatible with the water-based, oil-based, or silicone lubricants which can be used for sexual fun during a bath or in the shower. Most people may not have experienced this, but it truly is amazing to stimulate orgasm in water. The masturbator can then be used in many ways to bring sexual relief and satisfaction to men and couples.

Final Thoughts

Realistic masturbators are designed to bring sexual pleasure, relief, and satisfaction to men and even couples. Getting one of these sex toys would be a good investment if one wants to explore the many uncrossed boundaries in terms of sexual fun. Their customization means one can enjoy not only a real woman vagina but also a toy. Moreover, lovers of anal sex can have a masturbator that has both vaginal and anal openings to multiply their pleasure. Therefore, there is no need to deny oneself pleasure when sex toys are in the market today to help men blow their nuts countless times a day, as their energy would dictate.

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