Love Ring Vibrators

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What is a cock ring

Love rings are sex toys that are bound on a penis and the scrotum to restrict blood flow from the penis during intercourse. As such, the penis maintains larger, harder and long-lasting erections for a lengthy steam session.

However, for more intensified sensations, try the vibrating cock rings. Apart from sustaining erections for longer, the vibrations of a love ring vibrator can enhance stimulation and increase pleasure during sex. This can go a long way in delivering timely orgasms.

What Does a Cock Ring Do?

Anyone can use penis rings to achieve harder and long-lasting erections, beneficial for both partners. Without a love ring, when a man is aroused sexually, blood flows into the tissues of the penis, making it to be hard. However, this blood flows back after sexual relief, any unplanned interruption, or if you have erectile dysfunction.

This is why it is good to use Cock Rings, which usually encircle the penis and scrotum, preventing blood from flowing out of the penis. The result is that the penis stays erect longer than usual.

Other love rings have vibrators to stimulate the woman during sex. These vibrators are positioned to stimulate the woman’s clitoris during penetrative sex, making the woman quickly reach an orgasm. However, it is not recommended to have the love on for more than 25 or 30 minutes because blood circulation to the penis tissues may stop completely, which can be fatal.

What to Consider When Purchasing Cock Rings

There are several cock ring sex toys to consider when purchasing a vibrator, depending on personal preferences regarding your sex life. However, there are certain basic considerations to make.


In this case, the best love ring should be stretchable, meaning it can be slid along the penis easily without causing pain or being too tight. Love rings made from silicone are the most ideal for stretching ability. On the other hand, other love rings are made from glass or metal and are challenging to wear and slide off. You are therefore required to know the girth of your penis before purchasing one. As a beginner, stick to love rings that can stretch.


Another consideration is ensuring one has an adequate supply of water-based lubes As a precaution, you should not apply silicone-based lubes when using love rings made of silicone, as the lube will degrade the ring material. The lube makes it easy for the ring to slide along the penis while wearing or putting it off. Moreover, the lube will make sex more enjoyable for both parties.

The Material of Cock Ring

There are numerous materials used in the making of love rings. They vary from soft materials like silicone and rubber to hard materials like metal and glass.

For advanced users, any ring material is ideal since they are used to them. Beginners, however, are advised to start from a soft and elastic material such as silicone and rubber before advancing to the harder materials. The material will also affect the type of lube used. For instance, Silicone-based lube is not ideal for love rings made of silicone.

Vibrating Cock Ring

Sex involving simple love rings can bring women to powerful orgasms. However, for the sake of heightened stimulation, most love rings are designed with vibrators for testicles and the clitoris.

In this case, the man can flip the love ring so that the testicles are stimulated during sex. Also, such penis rings can be used by men to masturbate by stimulating their testicles. Beginners can start with the simplest love rings as they proceed to these more sophisticated sex toys, such as those that stimulate the clitoris.

How to Use a Love Ring

The simplest way to start using a love ring is to have it around the base of the penis shaft. Apply enough lube to the penis while it is still semi-erect, and you can continue with sex as the penis gets harder with time. When the penis is fully erect, slide the ring to the base of the penis, and the rest can take place; if you want to thrust, pump, or grind, you can do it comfortably with the ring on.

A penis constricted with a love ring will look unusually bigger when fully erect. The penis may start to ache in some cases due to the pressure build-up resulting from the constricted blood. If this happens, slide the ring off the penis by applying enough lube. Vibrating love rings are meant to fit snugly around the penis without causing pain and can be slid off when the penis softens up. The last bit after having sex is gently washing the love ring with water and soap.

The Bottom Line

One can use several sex toys to increase their sexual pleasure. Vibrating love rings make the penis stay longer without loosing the erection and hardness. This sex toy is especially ideal for people with erectile dysfunction, as the ring can be slid to the base of the penis shaft before it is fully erect, but it grows to a full erection during the sexual act.

The longer the penis stays without softening, the better it is for both partners. The vibrators on the love ring can stimulate the woman, bringing her to a quicker and more powerful orgasm. Also, the man can stimulate themselves, especially when masturbating, definitely cock rings for better erections and sex.

Therefore, love rings are a better way of enhancing sexual pleasure. However, it is important to be careful when using these love rings. In case of pain, take them off immediately. Also, remember not to have the love ring on for more than 30 minutes.

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