Fleshlights Complete Sets

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Make your masturbation more enjoyable with the life-sized and cutting-edge designs of the Fleshlight Complete Sets that every man craves.

Fleshlights may not be the only male masturbators in the market, but they are undoubtedly one of the best male masturbators the sex toy industry has ever seen. Gauging from their unique designs to the SuperSkin material used, these exclusive sex toys make the solo play more enjoyable and realistic.

Therefore, many gays and single men strive to get these toys that promise fantastic and close-to-true sexual intercourse by having a memorable solo satisfaction using fleshlights girls designed with popular porn stars in mind. However, what do you know about Fleshlights?

Types of Fleshlights

There are various Fleshlight Complete Sets designs you are likely to meet in the market or popular online stores. Therefore, choosing the best male masturbator requires you to understand the different designs available and how to use them. For instance, here are the common types of Fleshlights that were inspired by popular porn stars;

Fleshlight Classics

The classics are probably the first set of original masturbators that fleshlight manufacturers have based their designs from. The fleshlights classics come with standard butt, pussy, and mouth orifices. They have smooth walls for an advanced good time, although Fleshlight pros find these standard masturbators bland and disappointing. Therefore, these standard classics are only suitable for beginners who still have a long way to test different textures.

Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight Girls are male masturbators designed with the orifices of popular porn actresses. They include Misty Stone, Dillion Harper, and Stoya the Destroya. Most Fleshlight Girls have only one sleeve, while a few products come with two sleeves, such as butt and pussy or pussy and mouth. Moreover, Fleshlight Girls are modeled with different textures and tightness to give the user the desired stimulation and orgasms.

The Go

The Go Fleshlights are manufactured with traveling in mind. Currently, there are only two versions of the Go Fleshlights, the Surge, and the Torgue, measuring 8.5 inches long and 3 inches in circumference. Although the Go Fleshlights are modeled after the classic design, they are a bit smaller in size, making them suitable to use while traveling. They are also the best male masturbators for guys with smaller dicks.

The Quickshot

The Quickshot is a range of Fleshlights resembling a wide ring with both ends open to allow men to play with the heads of their cocks or have oral sex with partners while using the sleeve. If you love bumper for oral sex or you only get stimulated at the head of your manhood, then The Quickshot would be the best option for you. This toy is only 3.5 inches long but easier to use and clean.

The Launch

Fleshlight also partnered with the Kiiroo company to manufacture a complete set of interactive toys, the Launch. The Launch is a football-sized appliance and takes only two hours to charge. You can also connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth to create a fully immersive masturbation experience. The toy is also compatible with standard Fleshlights and VR. Its base comprises Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel SuperSkin materials and rests perfectly against your public bone.

The Flight

The Flight is a range of Fleshlights with compact sleeves suitable for travel and easy to store. They are mostly less than 8 inches long and 3.1 inches in girth. Only three textures are available for the Fleshlight Flight, including the Pilot, the Instructor, and the Aviator. Additionally, the Flight is the best masturbator for beginners and guys with smaller manhood.

The Stamina Training Unit

For men who cannot last long in bed and endure intense masturbation, the Stamina Training Units (STU) are also available to help you increase your endurance. The STUs come with a training manual to simplify your usage with them. However, it is recommended to avoid using the STUs if you have a weak heart because they intense stimulation.

How to Choose the Best Fleshlight

With the side range of options, it can be tricky to land the best deal to give you the desired stimulation. Fortunately, Fleshlights men masturbators’ sex toys strive to offer everything suitable for everyone and ensure that no one is left behind for sexual satisfaction. Therefore, here are some of the factors to consider when looking for the best Fleshlight;

Your Penis Size

Before ordering or buying Fleshlight, you should check if your penis is large, small, or average. If your penis is small, you can find a variety of Fleshlights starting from the Classics to the Go or the Launch. However, if you have a larger size, you need to pick the right Fleshlight size to accommodate your manhood and give you the desired experience. Moreover, if you are not about which size is comfortable for you, you can choose the Quickshot suitable for all penis lengths.

The Material of The Fleshlight

Like any other sex toy, choosing the best masturbator starts with identifying a body-safe and non-porous material that is also easy to clean. Fortunately, most Fleshlights are made of the SuperSkin material that combines the best body-safe materials to give a long-lasting and human-like feel. SuperSkin material is also easy to clean and gives a close-to-real sexual experience.

Your Experience Level

Have you ever used Fleshlights before? Or, is it your first time to masturbate using these unique toys? Considering your experience level also helps to get the best Fleshlight. For instance, if you are a beginner, you should choose a sex toy with less intensity to not strain your blood veins. Therefore, you should consider buying the Classics or the Quickshot. You can also choose from a wide range of Fleshlight Girls that are less intense. However, if you are Fleshlight pros, you can choose between the Stamina Training Units and the Turbo. Alternatively, intense masturbators can also buy Stoya the Destroya, which promises intense stimulation.

How to Care for Your Fleshlights

For your Fleshlight men masturbator sex toy to last longer and remain in good condition, you should always take care of it. Here are a few safety tips when using your Fleshlight;

Always apply the right sex lube, preferably water-based lube, to avoid tearing the surfaces while thrusting.

Always warm your Fleshlight using the sleeve warmer.

After using it, clean the Fleshlight using the recommended cleaner or hot soapy water and store it in a cool, dry place.

Avoid sharing your Fleshlight or use a condom to avoid infections.

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