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Make your masturbation session as memorable and pleasurable as possible with the male fleshlight accessories and you will never look back.

Suppose you have received your first fleshlight pocket pussy male masturbators recently. In that case, you probably understand how enjoyable it is to masturbate with a sex toy made with your favorite porn star in mind. Fleshlights can make masturbation an amazing experience. They give the same sexual feeling received from the real sex partner. Therefore, it is not a surprise that you can make your bedroom moments memorable by adding simple but exclusive accessories to your fleshlights. Apart from selecting added features such as textured and bumpy sex toys, fleshlight manufacturers also give a wide range of accessories aimed to make your masturbation session quite enjoyable. Visit Dimepiece la online sex toy store to buy your suitable fleshlight accessory.

Best Male Fleshlight Accessories

Whether using a sex toy or having a good time with your partner, you need to reach your climax happily without much effort. This requires having a sex moment that has no inconveniences or sweating heavily. Therefore, fleshlights producers are working hard to ensure that male masturbators are getting the best out of their sex toys by giving a wide range of accessories, including the following;

Fleshlight Shower Mount

If you are in love with shower play, especially after a tiresome day at work, this Fleshlight Shower Mount would be the best choice for you. To use this mount, take off the cap of your fleshlight and screw it tightly onto the mount. Attach the suction base to the preferred flat surface, ensuring it is completely dry for better suction. Get the perfect position for you by using the handy hinges, apply water-based lube to the opening of the fleshlight and your erect penis, and slide in.

The Fleshlight shower mount is stable when set properly on the dry flat surface as the plastic case makes it sturdy and strong. You should not also experience sliding and wobbling unless you are a vigorous thruster. You can also try using a Fleshlight shower mount in the bathroom since it can perfectly stick on various surfaces such as furniture, doors, tiles, and laminate floors.

Fleshlight Flight to Shower Mount Adapter

Those with Fleshlight Flight can also increase the joy of using it by adding this amazing adapter to make the masturbation session great. This adapter simplifies this further by allowing you to attach your Fleshlight Flight onto the Fleshlight Shower Mount. You get 100% hands-free shower play that leads to a quick orgasm.

Luckily, the adapter is easy to use by removing the cap of the Fleshlight Flight, attaching the adapter, and screwing the adapter onto the Fleshlight Shower Mount. Additionally, the adapter is made of the same hard plastic material as the mount, allowing the two to fit together with no movements. After attaching the fleshlight onto the adapter, apply enough sex lube, and you are ready to get down with your sex toy.

Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission

Here is the best accessory to make your masturbation more realistic for those who love thrusting in a missionary style. You easily insert your fleshlight into the On a Mission Mount, apply water-based lube, and slide in your fully-erect manhood for a close-to-realistic missionary-style thrusting. You can add a little creativity by placing pillows under your knees or using the mount for other positions. Moreover, you can use Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission mount with your sex partner, where your partner sits on the mount and kiss you as you vigorously penetrate the fleshlight. Not forgetting, the mount is also large enough to accommodate most of your partner’s torso, so they lie flat on the mount just above the fleshlight to give you two or more holes to choose from.

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

Some fleshlights can be a bit colder and need warming up to create a natural warmth close to the human skin. Therefore, getting Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer would be a great idea, especially if you fancy warmer masturbation. Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is an insertable rod-like device that warms the inner parts of the fleshlight for a more realistic sexual experience. To warm up your masturbator, plug the warmer into a USB port and shove it up to your fleshlight. Additionally, the sleeve warmer is much faster than dipping your fleshlight into hot water.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

Durability is an issue with most sex toys, and for your fleshlight to serve you longer and perfectly, you should also care for it. This involves regularly dusting your fleshlight with a Renewing Powder to retain its suppleness. To apply the powder, take fleshlight from its case and coat the soft parts with a thin layer of the powder. Place the toy back into its case and store it in a cool, dry place.

Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog

Dog-style lovers are also sorted with this Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog Mount that works like On A Mission Mount. Remove the cap of the fleshlight and insert the fleshlight into the mounting hole. Apply water-based lube and slide in to satisfy yourself. However, you might want to place some cushioning under your knees, especially when you are on a hard floor or rough surface.

You can also use the mount on your bed, although it needs a stable surface so that it does not give in under heavy thrusting. A standard Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog Mount measures 14 by 12 by 14.5 feet; hence, depending on your height, you might need to widen your legs or place the mount close to get a perfect position.

How to Get the Best Fleshlight Accessory

Getting the best accessory that suits your fleshlight can be tricky, especially for first-time buyers. However, here are a few things to consider when buying fleshlight mounts and treatments;

Look at The Size

The size of the fleshlight mounts matters a lot if you want to use them perfectly. For instance, don’t be fooled by the small box of an On A Mission Mount because the mount expands when you unpack it, and you cannot return it to the original size. Therefore, ensure you double-check the dimension of the mount when unpacked not to regret it later.

The Suction Powers

Using the fleshlights in the shower or bathroom requires a mount with great suction. For instance, shower plays work better with smaller and lighter sleeves such as Flight and smaller adapters. Great suction also needs smoother surfaces. However, most surfaces in your home you think are smooth might be highly porous.

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