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Have you ever been told to go fuck yourself? You thought the phrase would never win a position in a society full of gays and lesbians who would struggle to satisfy themselves sexually? Well, gone are the days when we used to do our crazy things privately. Lately, we could still be fucking ourselves privately, but the desire to be discreet has been replaced by the need to test everything on the market that promises high-end orgasms. If you doubt this, try these new Fleshjacks Boys Pocket Pussies from Dimepiece la.

What Are Fleshjacks Boys Pocket Pussies?

Fleshjacks Boys Pocket Pussy, male fleshlights, or gay pocket pussies, whatever you decide to call them, all refer to male masturbators. In simple words, Fleshjacks boys are male masturbators designed with the popular male porn actors in mind. Initially, Fleshjacks boys were only created with anal orifices, which helped gays to masturbate with the picture of their favorite porn stars in mind. Although they are not having direct anal sex with porn stars, these realistic anally designed toys gave men the desired stimulation and sexual satisfaction.

After some modifications and advancements, Fleshjacks boys started manufacturing pocket pussies for male solo stimulation. Therefore, Fleshjacks boys pocket pussies are male masturbators with vaginal orifices and are named after the popular female porn stars. Masturbating with these unique sex toys and thinking about the freaky female porn stars helps men reach their orgasm quickly.

Buying Your First Fleshjacks Boys Pocket Pussy

If you intend to buy your first Fleshjacks boys pocket pussy, it is vital to understand all the basics at a glance to make a wise choice. Fleshjacks are simply masturbation toys designed to enhance solo-play while acting as an artificial orifice. Whether you enjoy slow or intense motion, there is always something for everyone at Dimepiece la online sex shop. However, as simple as the definition may sound, getting your first Fleshjacks boys pocket pussy may be overwhelming. This means you need extra caution and guidance to pick the best sex tool that will give you maximum satisfaction.  Therefore, here is a brief buying guide for you.

Consider the Material

Unlike other sex toys, choosing the best pocket pussy involves picking on a malleable material that is soft to touch, like real human skin. However, other features of non-toxic materials remain, such as non-porous, hypoallergic, and easy to clean. For instance, Fleshjacks boys pocket pussies are made from thermos plastic and thermoplastic rubber. You need to compare the two and pick on the safest material ever.

Your choice of materials determines the type of sex lube to be used and its durability. For example, some materials are not compatible with some lubes, and forcing them can break the surfaces of the pocket pussies and be hazardous to you. Durability also demands firm, perfect craftsmanship and high-quality packaged pocket pussies.

Consider the Size of The Pocket Pussy

Currently, no one size fits all masturbators in the market; hence you need to be keen on the size you choose. Most pocket pussies are manufactured with the average penis size in mind. You can also get a few manufactured to fit larger penis seizes, especially for guys who want to try something more spacious. However, what about if you have a smaller size? Of course, all men do not carry the same length of manhood.

The best way to get your right size is by checking the insertable length and girth for any pocket pussy before buying it. Compare the measurements with your fully-erect penis to get an approximate size fit for you. However, it is also essential to understand your sexual desires to purchase the right size. For instance, there are some pocket pussies designed only to stimulate your penis corona and not the entire penis.

Test the Feeling

The feel of the pocket pussy depends entirely on the texture of the material used to make the sex toy. For intensified masturbation, you need to buy a pocket pussy that makes you aroused when using it. This is because the pocket pussy is a replica of the real thing, and it should give you a real-life experience. For instance, you may decide to go for a bumpy ride or a smooth transition.

You may have limited chances to touch the material of the sex toy before buying to check the texture. Thus, you have to judge based on the material used to make it. For this case, silicone is considered the best choice, although some porn stars are using their skin-like substances to give Fleshjacks boys close to the real thing.

Check the Look of The Pocket Pussy

If it is your first time buying a pocket pussy, you may have challenges identifying the best look. Generally, pocket pussies look like a torch when they are put in cases. Therefore, the look of the pocket pussy has a lot to do with the discretion of the toy and how you want to use it. However, to some users, the look of the pocket pussy has nothing to do with their sexual satisfaction, provided they only use them indoors. This means the look of the toy depends ultimately on your preferences and place of use.

How to Use Fleshjacks Boys Pocket Pussy

Once you have received your order from Dimepiece la sex store and are ready to get down with it, follow these steps to safely use your pocket pussy;

  • Lubricate your fully erect penis with the compatible sex lube, preferably water-based lube.
  • Push the lube inside the pocket pussy opening using your finger.
  • Twist the erected penis into the pocket opening until the head is inside. Please do not pull the opening with your fingers lest it will break.
  • Start stroking your penis slowly, and do not pull out too far, or your cock head will pop out.
  • You can now adjust your speed to faster thrusting as the tunnel becomes more lubricated.
  • After ejaculation, squeeze the end of the pocket pussy close to your hands to avoid spilling the ejaculate.
  • Rinse and clean the toy thoroughly and store it in a cool, dry place after use.
  • Avoid sharing your pocket pussy or use condoms when sharing.
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