Wand Massagers and Attachments

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Magic wand massagers create magical feelings for sexual stimulation. They are considered one of the most powerful massagers today. Various designs of these massagers exist, such as the traditional versions, which work while plugged in an electrical outlet. Wand massagers are also the best option for those after discretion. These sex toys provide sexual pleasure and relaxing vibrations for the back, sore neck, and legs. Personal massager wand provides a more soothing effect than most mainstream massagers today.

Features of a Wand Massager

If you are unfamiliar with this sex toy, you may pick it up in a sex toy shop and start singing into it because they resemble microphones. The head of the massager is rounded, while the handle is long. The head of this sex toy can flex and bend as it is moved on your body. Therefore, it can fit the body’s natural contours and can easily be maneuvered all over your body in massaging movements. For efficient stimulation, the vibration motor of this sex toy is placed in the tool’s head, eliminating incidences where your hand vibrates while holding the device in different positions.

The wand massager’s handle is long to minimize the vibration effect in your hand, enhancing concentration. Many traditional magic wand vibrators and massagers were powered electrically, which means you could only use them from a central place. However, current designs are powered with chargeable batteries for portability. Moreover, most older massagers were louder, but the newest developments have made these sex toys quieter and likable. These developments have resulted in massagers that can be used for internal stimulation, unlike the ordinary massagers designed for external stimulation, such as the penis, clitoris, and nipples.

People interested in stimulating internal parts, such as the vagina, G-Spot, or P-Spot, can buy massagers with accessories such as the Ripple and Curve. They can be used for external and internal stimulation, enhancing sexual pleasure, by the relaxing, soothing effect created by the massaging movements all over your body.

Using a Wand Massager

You can use magic wand massagers for solo masturbation, where you utilize the magic power of this sex toy to bring yourself to orgasms. These sex toys can also be used between sex partners, especially during foreplay. However, the process should start slow and build up as the stimulation spreads to the rest of the body.

The first step involves touching yourself in certain sensitive areas, depending on your preference. Touching places like the nipples, inner thighs, and scrotum causes blood to flow to the genitals. This warm-up session helps identify the areas that you or your partner can touch with the sex toy or the hand to speed up the climaxing up process. When more blood flows to the genitals, the climaxing speed increases, resulting in powerful orgasms. Once the body has been warmed up sufficiently, you can introduce the magic wand vibrators for clitoral stimulation. Knowing the more sensitive areas guides you on using the massager on your body. It is common for people to moan even when not expected. For this reason, many men and women that have never experienced a shuddering orgasm prefer using the wand massager to enhance sexual pleasure.

Exploring your Whole Body with the Massager

Holding the magic wand massager in one area for a long time may result in numbness because of the strong vibrations in the head of this sex toy. To avoid desensitizing or damaging the nerve cells in the body, lift the sex toy from your penis or vulva whenever there is a feeling of lost sensations. Exploring all the body’s sensitive areas using the wand massager is recommended. Apart from concentration on the penis or the vulva, stimulate your clitoris, G-Spot, the anal area, the penis, and the prostate in men.

The massager can be moved in circular motions or up and down the areas to be stimulated. These movements need to be slow when starting, as you let your body adapt to the new sensations. Also, the vibrations in the sex toy can be regulated, starting with the lowest speed and increasing the intensity as the climax approaches. Magic wand vibrators and massagers are provided with various accessories, allowing you to stimulate your external and internal body parts. If you need to stimulate your internal parts, use a suitable lube, depending on the material of the sex toy. Water-based lubes are the most appropriate for use, with most massagers made from silicone. Whether you decide to go for solo masturbation or experiment with the wand massager with a sex partner, pleasure is guaranteed if you take things slow and build up the rhythm.

Closing Remarks

For those that are yet to experience the most powerful sex toys, the wand massager is ideal. These sex toys increase sexual pleasure more than most massagers. They enhance sexual relief and orgasms and provide the soothing feeling obtained from massage. The massaging effect of these massagers is more effective than when using mainstream massage devices. Magic wand massagers are designed to enhance discretion and are portable, meaning you can use them anywhere. This is why this modern sex toy is a favorite for men and women who want to masturbate or enhance sexual pleasure with their partners.

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