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With the emergence of different sex toys that resemble the real penis, women are left wondering if they can get the best non-phallic vibrators that they can use anywhere without being noticed. Most women now want something to give them orgasms either on the go or while relaxing at home. Luckily, when it comes to sex toys for women, there is a lot to smile about. That is because the market is now flooded with thousands of vibrators that don’t necessarily look like an erect cock. These vibrators are designed to give thrilling sensations during solo masturbation or even partnered sex. That said, for those looking for non-realistic vibrators to satisfy their crazy sexual fantasies, here is a detailed look into other styles of vibrators.

What Are Vibrators for Women

Generally, an adult vibrator is any device built with an internal or external motor that produces pleasurable vibrations when placed on the erogenous zone. The tool is used to give sexual arousal and pleasure, which can drive the user into an unforgettable orgasmic journey. Vibrators can be used internally to stimulate the G-spot, P-spot, or pleasurable nerves located on the vaginal or anal walls. They can also be used externally to arouse the outer sensitive organs such as clit, penis, nipple, and perineum.

Vibrators for women, therefore, are sex toys designed only for vulva owners and are used to stimulate the clit, G-spot, A-spot, and nipples. They can be smooth or bobbled sex toys; hence, the choice depends on how and where they are intended to be used. Women vibrators are also manufactured in different designs, vibration settings, and materials. This brings us to our main focus on the different styles of vibrators.

Other Styles of Vibrators

As stated above, vibrators for women are made in two categories; realistic and non-realistic or non-phallic vibrators. Realistic vibrators resemble an erect cock and are used mainly for thrusting sensations. On the other hand, non-realistic vibrators do not look like erect penises but come with different shapes and features that can make them be easily confused for home decoration or arts. Since realistic vibrators have gained more following, it is time to make non-phallic vibrators known, considering they are also powerful and can give unmatched sensation. Therefore, here are other style vibrators that every woman should consider:

Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are among the stellar options for women who are always on the road but still want to feel incredible sensations between their thighs. These vibrators are classified among mini vibes due to the small size that allows them to fit in pockets or purses without being noticed. They are designed to be worn on the fingers and placed on the clit during masturbation. Other fingers vibrators are also long enough to be inserted into the vagina to give internal stimulation. These can be smooth or bobbled vibrators that massage the vaginal walls on every insertion.

Tongue or Oral Vibrators

For women who crave oral stimulation, tongue vibrators are the best option. These sex toys are often smooth and are used to stimulate the clit, just like a real tongue. They also have a mouth-like shape with easy-to-use buttons to control the stimulation. Moreover, most tongue vibrators for women have in-built rechargeable batteries that allow them to be used anywhere, anytime. They can also be used to stimulate the nipples, perineum, or anal opening to give a rimming feeling.

G-Spot Vibrators

Unfortunately, most women do not know where the G-spot is located; hence, end up playing with the clit and nipples only during masturbation. For that reason, sex toys manufacturers give various tools that can help women locate their G-spots and enjoy internal orgasms. These vibrators have a sleek design with flexible shafts that allows them to bend easily based on the user’s position. They also have curved heads that hit the G-spot right away when inserted. Most G-spot vibrators have powerful internal motors that give thrilling vibrations and easy-to-locate buttons used to control the settings.

Egg Vibrators

As the name suggests, these vibrators have an egg shape, tough the outer shell is rigid and smooth. They are designed to be inserted into the vagina to give internal stimulation during masturbation. Some egg vibrators can also be used during partner play and are designed to be inserted in the anus to give double sensations. These sex toys for women often have wired or wireless remote control, with easy retrieval cords for comfortable play.

Wearable Vibrators

Wearable sex toys for women have also become popular since they allow women to enjoy the vibrations anywhere without raising alarm. These vibrators include vibrating panties, necklaces, bras, and bracelets. Vibrating undergarments are made from long-lasting and smooth materials that rest against and rub the clit or nipples when worn. They also have wireless remote controls, created in different designs such as finger rings that allow women to use them anywhere freely.

I Rub My Duckie Vibrators

If you want to give your clit a pleasurable massage that can lead to explosive orgasms while relaxing in your bathtub, duckie vibrators are the way to go. These sex toys are created to look like ducks and are made from waterproof materials that allow them to be used in the water comfortably. They also have built-in rechargeable batteries that give powerful vibrators, leaving the body relaxed and sexually satisfied. Although duckie vibrators are designed for clit stimulation, they can also be used on other intimate points like nipples, neck, and butt opening.

Kegel Vibrators

Vibrating Kegel exercisers are among the vital sex toys any woman should not miss. Kegel vibrators have numerous sexual benefits to women, besides giving them heightened pleasure and multiple orgasms. For instance, they strengthen the pelvic muscles, allowing women to enjoy their sexual encounters like never before. They can also be incorporated into women’s workout routines to speed the recovery, especially after delivery. Kegel vibrators are also designed with app-controlled or remote-controlled units to allow women to use them hands-free.

Non-Phallic Vibrators Safety Measures

Since non-phallic vibrators for women may have uncomfortable designs that make them challenging to insert, it is vital to observe their safety measures for smooth insertion and durability. These measures include choosing the right size and shape, using plenty of sex lubricant, and cleaning them before and after use. You should also store them correctly and minimize sharing them to prevent bacterial infections.

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