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Want to strengthen your pelvic muscle and have more control over your orgasms? Tighten your pussy and elevate sensational play with the Kegel Exercise Sex Toys for Women.

There is a belief that a tighter vagina is good for sex, both for men and women. The phrase is used to celebrate those women that refrain from having too much sex. However, the fact is it is not this type of tightness we will discuss in this article because there are various ways for you as a woman to make your vagina tight and strong, and still enjoy as much sex whenever you like.

These ways include using Kegel exercisers. Therefore, if you are worried about strengthening your pelvic floor easily at home, read on to find out the best Kegel exercise sex toys for women.

What Are Kegel Sex Toys?

First, as a woman, you’ve probably heard about Kegel exercises and the wonders they can do to your body. Or maybe you are sitting on your bed thinking, ‘what the hell are Kegel exercises?’ Well, to define it quickly, Kegel exercises are the type of workouts that aid in strengthening pelvic floor muscles and offer great support to the bladder, rectum, small intestine, and uterus. Remember, it is normal for your pelvic floor muscles to get weak as you age, but that doesn’t mean you have to remain remorseful and fail to join the sweet sex journey.

Therefore, the only way to retain stronger pelvic muscles is by working them out. However, the big question is ‘HOW?’ Kegel sex toys are, therefore, cute devices used by females to strengthen their vaginal muscles. While the main purpose of the Kegel exercise is to make the pelvic muscles stronger, women admit that using these discreet devices in their workouts leads to unforgettable orgasms, hence the name Kegel sex toys. This is because Kegel exercise sex toys are well-designed to be used anywhere, anytime. Thus women do not need to go to the gym for actual Kegel exercises.

Benefits of Using Kegel Exercise Sex Toys in Women

Kegel exercisers can double up as sex toys and useful tools to help women maintain pelvic posture and health. This means as you use these cute kegel weighted exercise balls on your vaginal muscles, you gain numerous benefits, including;

Improving the Ability to Reach Orgasm

The main purpose of using sex toys is reaching orgasm, and that’s why this is the first advantage of Kegel exercises. Although everyone sees sex as good, reaching orgasm becomes difficult in women, especially with weak pelvic muscles. From the record, only 25% of women hit climax during sexual intercourse. Therefore, to improve the ability to reach orgasm, consider strengthening your vagina or pelvic muscles using Kegel balls.

Lighting Up Your Sex Life

When enjoying sex with your partner, don’t forget the importance of having tighter vaginal muscles that will drive your partner nuts. However, many women fail to realize that the simplest way to tighten their vaginal muscles is by doing Kegel exercise frequently. Therefore, using Kegel sex toys helps to reduce pain during sexual intercourse and relax your muscles while improving their tightness.

Improving Vaginal Blood Circulation

Having regulated blood circulation to your vaginal areas is essential for arousal. While most women do not pay attention to how blood flows in their pelvic areas, they risk losing interest in sex. Therefore, Kegel exercise weights help to tone and strengthen vaginal muscles, which improves blood circulation. One symptom of a weak pelvic floor is a lack of sensitivity when the vaginal opens.

Speed Recovery After Childbirth

Another benefit of Kegel exercises that you may not know about is helping to recover fast after delivery. After delivery, pelvic muscles become weak and can take longer to contact back to their original state if no medication is applied. However, the best and natural way to get them in shape is through Kegel exercises. Therefore, remember to use Kegel sex toys before getting pregnant and throughout pregnancy. Additionally, remember to involve your health care provider for a healthy Kegel exercise.

Examples of Kegel Exercise Sex Toys

Getting the best Kegel sex toy in the market to give you the exact desired results can be challenging. However, here are some of the best Kegel exercise sex toys you can find in Dimepiece LA sex toy;

Intimina KegelSmart Essentials Kit

This kit is a perfect pelvic floor training unit that works with great vibrations. With this sex toy kit in your bedroom, you are not only getting useful exercise on your vaginal muscles but also enjoying your sexual fantasies along the way. Intimina KegelSmart Essentials Kit has a small flashlight on the side that shows you are doing the right thing. This means the device measures your pelvic strength and delivers suitable vibrations for you. The unit is also time-saving and provides positive results within five minutes daily.

Kegel Balls by Stone’s Goods

The package includes four Ben Wa Balls of different sizes and helps to ease and relax your pelvic muscles while exercising. Luckily, Kegel Balls by Stone’s Goods comes with a 24-page clear and easy-to-read manual on using the device and having your desired stimulation. The unit also comes with two types of strings; single ball string and multiple-ball string for easy removal. You can also adjust the vibrations to suit your pelvic strength.

Fondlove Kegel Balls for Bladder Control

Unlike Kegel Balls by Stone’s Goods, this set is higher with ten different vibrating functions, including pulsation, speeds, and escalation. Despite having stronger vibrations, these Kegel exercisers are more discreet and quieter, making them suitable for outdoor use. However, they have a long string and are uncomfortable to wear outside your home. Therefore, doctors recommend women use these Fondlove Kegel Balls for bladder repair instead of a surgical approach.

Kegel Exercise Sex Toys Safety Tips

Kegel weighted exercise balls are manufactured in different shapes, sizes, and materials; hence choosing the best set can be tricky. Therefore, here are vital points to consider when buying and using your first Kegel exercisers;

  • Choose the sex toys that are made of a body-safe, non-porous, and hypoallergic material. Additionally, the material should be easy to clean and smooth on your vaginal muscles.
  • As a beginner, you can start with larger balls since they stay in play with fewer efforts, while smaller balls will slip out easily. Smaller balls also need your muscles to contract more, which cannot be achieved at the beginning.
  • Remember to apply adequate and compatible lube on the ball and your vaginal walls before inserting the Kegel balls.
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