Finger Vibrators

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Various types of vibrators exist on the market, each with unique stimulation and style that will leave you craving more. Whether you rely on your G-spot or clit for extreme stimulation, you are covered. The finger vibrator sex toy is perfectly designed with powerful vibrations that guarantee multiple orgasms.

What Are Finger Vibrators?

They are small vibrating devices that can be attached to your fingers. They are ideal for clitoral massage, vaginal stimulation, anal play, or nipple teasing. Most finger sex toys usually range from two inches to three inches and not more than two inches wide. Depending on the type of stimulation you are looking for, these tiny sex toys can be textured, ribbed, or smooth with unique features to give them different sensations.

Why Finger Vibrators?

To some people, the size of sex toys is not a major factor. Hence they will only look for the best devices to maximize sexual satisfaction without compromising their privacy. Such people will only go for small but powerful vibrating tools that produce targeted stimulation, even in public or when traveling. Therefore, apart from the desire to use your vibrators even on the go, there are various reasons why you should consider buying a finger vibrator, including;

Whether you are on solo masturbation or having a good time with your partner, finger sex toys allow you and your partner to use them on other delicate sweet posts while engaging in penetrative sex.

They are versatile in giving in your partner out-of-the-world sexual pleasure. You can stick them in your man’s butt to give him a mind-blowing prostate massage.

They are not easily dropped like other vibrators like bullet and clit stimulators since they are worn and stick on the fingers.

You can use them on any part of the body, including the belly, feet, ears, lips, neck, nipples, and any other point with erotic sensations.

They hardly get in the way of your erotic couple sex.

Most finger vibrators sex toys can be used in the water, while others are suitable for G-spot stimulation.

They are discreet hence easily hidden away from other family members.

Buying the Best Finger Vibrator

When shopping for your first finger vibrator, the two questions that should guide your choice are: Are you buying it for your sexual needs or making the best choice of sex toys for your entire life? Although the questions may sound similar to beginners and those rushing to buy sex toys, they are not the same and have two different directions.

If you are looking for finger vibrators to fulfill your sexual needs, any product in the market will do. Any vibrator you land your eyes on will relieve you of the urge to satisfy your sexual demons. However, if you are making the best choice for your life, you need thorough research on various finger vibrators to get the best choice. Therefore, here are a few things to consider when buying a finger vibrator.

The Material of The Finger Vibrator

The material of the vibrator is vital to check to ensure that you do not land on dangerous products that will leave you with skin rashes. Most finger vibrators are made from silicone, rubber, jelly, and PVC materials. These materials have unique features that define their safety, ease of cleaning, and versatility. For instance, silicone is body-safe, non-porous, and hypoallergenic. It is also compatible with both water-and oil-based sex lubricants, making them ideal for vaginal and anal play. However, if you prefer buying other materials like rubber and jelly due to silicone’s high price, ensure you buy from top-rated sellers to get high-quality products.

Consider the Size of The Toy

Finger vibrators are generally smaller, but that does not mean they are all the same sizes. While some have slimmer bodies and shorter to fit on one finger only, others have broader bodies that accommodate two or three fingers. Therefore, when ordering your finger vibrator, consider the right type of stimulation for you. If you are looking forward to targeted stimulation such as clitoral vibration, anal play, and nipple teasing, go for slimmer vibrators that produce on-point sensations. However, if you need general stimulation such as vaginal vibration, buy broader vibrators that fit two or three fingers.

The Surface of The Vibrator

Finger vibrators are made with different features such as smooth, ribbed, or ribbed surfaces. As an intermediate or advanced user looking for intense stimulation, you may want to buy ribbed finger vibrators that produce extra sensations during penetration. However, if you are only interested in clit or anal vibrations, smooth surfaces will still work for you.

How to Use Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are mostly used to arouse a woman’s two most powerful erogenous zones; the G-spot and the clitoris. With their magic technique, you can get the clitoris pinched between the thumb and the vibrators as it rests on the G-spot. Therefore, the combination of pressure from the thumb on the front and the buzz that comes from the vibrator inside the vagina creates mind-blowing sexual arousal and orgasms. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use a finger vibrator for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation;

Clean your vibrator and fingers with the recommended toy cleaner, apply a lot of sex lube on the toy and attach it to your finger.

Pinch the clitoral hood against the vibrator with the thumb.

Tilt your arm downwards and rock your hand upwards until you come in contact with the G-spot.

Massage the G-spot for about thirty seconds while keeping the thumb on the clit.

You can move the thumb in circular motions to massage the clit while rocking the G-spot with the toy.

Insert the vibrator into the vaginal until you can line up the clitoris with the toy’s surface.

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