Female Pumps

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Do you want to have an elongated and sensitive pussy like porn celebrities? Get these pussy pumps sex toys that are created to improve the appearance of your vagina while giving you some mind-blowing sensations.

The female pussy pumps are the best option to enhance the appearance and sensitivity of your vagina. They are available in different designs, sizes, and materials, to ensure you get what you desire. They are effective and deliver sexual stimulation not found in other sex toys. Below is all the information you need to know about these extraordinary pleasure toys.

What Are Female Pussy Pumps

If you are interested in experiencing pleasurable ways to have sex, the pussy pumps sex toys are the way to go. These pumps provide you with the most beautiful and super-sensitive vagina by employing the suction mechanism. This makes the labia and clit swollen and nerves exposed for an explosive orgasm.

The pussy pumps and clit pumps are the simplest sex accessories with fewer components. The ordinary design includes a suction cup and pump. These two are connected by a tube. The tube acts as a passway for sucking the air out and pushing the air in for a release. The pussy pumps are mainly manual, meaning you have to involve hand push on the pump to suck the air out and when releasing it. The suction cup is mostly made of a clear material, giving you a view of what is going on underneath. However, the process should be done slowly and repeatedly to attain maximum results without injury.

The Benefits of Having  Pussy Pumps and Clit Pumps

There are multiple advantages of the pussy pumps in your sexual life. Let us look at some of them:

They Help to Make the Vagina A Super-Sensitive Zone

Women have different levels of sensitivity. Some get aroused fast while others do not. Whatever level of sensitivity you have, you can always get more from the female pussy pumps. When there is suction, the pump allows more blood to flow to the sucked area. This makes the place swell and exposes all the available nerves, making your clit and labia aroused even by the slightest touch.

They Give an Appealing View

The increased size of the sexual areas has always been a turn-on for many. For this reason, people use different methods to get increased sexual organs. Though these ways may work, the pussy pumps and clit pumps are the safest and most reliable ways to acquire that seductive appearance. When pressure is applied, the vagina and clit appear fuller and more attractive.

They Have A Variety of Uses

The pussy pumps are the best things to use on various occasions. They are good for a foreplay session with your partner. The use of these toys can also heighten the solo sensations. You can also take numerous positions to ensure the moment is more pleasurable.

How to Buy the Best Clit Pumps

Are you interested in the pussy pumps? Here are some of the things to consider when buying a pussy pump.

Consider the Size Of the Cup.

Some cups are small, while others are slightly bigger. The cup’s size determines the area covered. Pumps with small cups might only suck the clit area while the bigger ones cover the whole vaginal area. Depending on the place you want to pump, get the corresponding cup size.

Choose The Right Design

There are numerous pump designs. Some use squeeze bulbs; others use pistons to pump. There are also vibrating clit pumps that add stimulations to the pumping, allowing you to reach the ultimate pleasure. Choose the design based on your preferences.

How to Use the Pussy Pump Sex Toys

Though the pussy pumps sex toys seem simple, instructions are still needed for better performance. A shave on the pubic area is necessary for better and safe performance. Also, for the smooth feeling, use a lubricant. The lube relaxes the skin and provides pleasurable suction. Here are some of the steps to follow when pumping.

Take the relaxed position like lying on the back and legs apart.

When set in the right position, apply some water-based lubricant on the cup edges to smoothen the impact and make the device more efficient.

Ensure all the components of the pump are set and functional. These include the piston pump, the quick release, and the tube.

When all is set, gently place the cup on the vagina. When doing it, consider the places you want to suck. Ensure the target area is enclosed in the cup. Some cups are small-sized hence can only cover the clit area, while the bigger cups cover the whole outer labia.

While holding the cup tightly, use the other hand on the pump area (some designs have a squeeze bulb, while others have a piston to pump). Slowly squeeze or make several pumps to suck the enclosed area. Once the area is trapped in the cup and the cup holds tightly, release your hand from the cup. Continue pumping up to the desired pressure. The more pressure you apply, the higher the suction. If done slowly and smoothly, you can pump up to the maximum level. Though uncomfortable at first, this should not hurt you. Reduce the pressure using the quick-release valve when you feel like removing the pump. You can have the cup on for about 10-15 minutes at a go. If there is a need for more results, repeat the same procedure until you feel super sensitive and better.

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