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If there is anything that can win many votes regarding bedroom antics, duo penetration would probably be at the top. Watching porn films, would likely make you want to switch and be part of the mood that those actors who take double penetration portray. You will see how these people mourn, curl their toes in happiness, and hit multiple orgasms with vaginal and anal penetration.

The good news is that you are not miles away from the high-end stimulation because there are various sex stores such as Dimepiece la that offer great duo penetrator sex toys for beginners and sex toy pros. Therefore, if you want to spice up your sex life delightfully, search for these toys and enjoy the rest of the game.

What Are Duo Penetrator Sex Toys?

Duo Penetrator Sex Toys or double penetration sex toys are adult toys that offer both anal and vaginal penetration at the same time. However, they are not limited to female use only. Both males and females can use double penetration sex toys such as double penetration vibrators and double penetration strap-ons. Women can use them for anal and vaginal penetration or dual stimulation with their lesbian partners. On the other hand, men can use duo penetrators with their female partners during anal-to-anal or vaginal-to-anal penetration. This means that a couple can insert the same toy in their anal openings while still enjoying vaginal intercourse.

The significant advantage of duo penetrators is that they allow couples to achieve dual orgasms. Although they are not designed for everyone, and beginners will find them overwhelming and challenging to use, duo penetrators offer a great way to scale up things in the bedroom, whether you are on a solo stimulation or enjoying with your partner.

Examples of Duo Penetrator Sex Toys

For you to understand the features and functionality of double penetration  toys, here are some examples you would like;


Double Penetration Dildos and Vibrators

Doc Johnson Classic Double-Sided Dildo

This double-headed dildo packs a real wallop and is great for deep penetration. It is made from body-safe, latex-free, and phthalate-free PVC, making it flexible enough. You can easily fold it for solo stimulation or use double penetration dildos for simultaneous stimulation with your partner.

Nasstoys Double Penetrator Cock Ring with A Bendable Dildo

The advantage of double penetration is that you can become creative with your standard sex toys to achieve the desired orgasm. For instance, this Nasstoys Double Penetrator Cock Ring with A Bendable Dildo allows a man to penetrates his lady while the bendable dildo gives him anal stimulation.

Akstore Crystal Glass Plump Beads Style Sex Tease Insert Pleasure Wand Dildo Penis

If you are looking for a firm sex toy that can give G-spot and prostate stimulation at once, here is your first stop.  Akstore Crystal Glass Plump Beads Style Sex Tease Insert Pleasure Wand Dildo Penis is a glass-made, non-porous, and hypoallergic wand that can meet G-spot and prostate stimulation demands at the same time when used by a couple.

Pipedream King Cock Double Penetrator

As massive as it looks, Pipedream King Cock Double Penetrator is a perfect toy that comes with two ultra-realistic shafts and heads, ideal for dual penetration. Use thicker the double penetration dildos and vibrators for anal penetration as the slimmer dildo hits the G-spot or vice-versa if you want something thicker in your vagina. Get your first Pipedream King Cock Double Penetrator from Dimepiece la and enjoy its fullness and realistic feeling.

How to Choose the Best Duo Penetrator Sex Toy

You will find hundreds of sex toys that promise incredible dual stimulation on the market, and it is okay to be daunted when searching for your best choice. However, choosing the best sex toys, especially as a beginner, is driven by major factors, including the following;

Which Style Is Best for You?

Although the end goal for all fucking sessions is orgasms, the question is, ‘do you want that from a big dildo or a simple G-spot stimulator?’ Many people would choose deep vaginal penetrators to achieve maximum G-spot stimulation. However, in your case, you need to decide which style best suits your sexual needs. For instance, dildos give full vaginal or anal penetration, but most do not have vibrating features. G-spot vibrators have curved tips for targeted stimulation, while rabbit vibrators offer clitoral and vaginal stimulation, which can be used for anal stimulation.

Is Bigger Sex Toy Your Dream?

The best thing is that most penetrating sex toys are designed similarly to the average penis. This means you will not have issues when choosing the right size for both anal and vaginal penetration. However, as a first-time buyer, do not go for a 20-inches dildo that you will not enjoy using. For anal penetration, go for something slimmer as you adapt to a thicker version.  However, for vaginal penetration, it all depends on the size of your partner’s manhood, but not anything bigger and uncomfortable.

Check the Material

In the sex toy industry, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for might be true, but you should be keen on the type of material you choose. For that case, choose a body-safe material with a mark of quality on the toy. This means you should choose a material that is hypoallergic, non-porous, and easy to clean. However, the type of material you pick is also determined by other factors, such as the lube to use and the price. For instance, silicone is the best material for internal penetration but is quite expensive and not compatible with silicone-based lube. Therefore, ensure you crosscheck every material and its safety features before buying.

Added Features

Duo penetrator sex toys may come with unique features such as vibrations, waterproof, and noise-proof. Vibrating sex toys intensify the game, driving the user into a quick orgasm. However, test with different vibrating speeds before actual penetration for a comfortable fucking session as a beginner. If you intend to use your sex toy in public places, go for quiet penetrators that will not raise the alarm. Those dreaming of shower sex should also choose waterproof penetrators.

Duo Penetrator Sex Toys Safety Tips

Sex toys are designed to be used either for internal penetration or external stimulation. Therefore, users are advised to observe safety measures when using any sex toys as follows;

  • Read the package to understand how to use it and the type of sex lube to apply.
  • Apply sex lube to the sex toy before actual penetration, and remember to apply the lube to your genitalia too.
  • Use the toy for its designed purpose. Do not interchange the toys to avoid risks of infection and bacteria transmission.
  • Use a condom or sterilize the toy if you intend to share it with your short-term partner.
  • Clean the toy after every session and store it in a cool, dry place.
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