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A bunny vibrator, also known as a rabbit vibrator, is a sex toy that stimulates the vagina and the clit. By doing so, the degree of arousal and pleasure achieved from this type of stimulation is far different from what is achieved with single stimulation. With Bunny Vibrators, you can simultaneously arouse your clit and vagina.

The current designs of the bunny vibrators have undergone various modifications, such as improvising the range of vibration, adding certain movements to the shaft, adding suction to enhance external stimulation, and improvising clitoral nubs. As a result, the rabbit vibrators for women on the market today are stronger, larger, and their flexibility ensures they suit different people and techniques of masturbation.

How a Bunny Vibrator Works

A typical bunny vibrator has different parts meant to serve various purposes, making the sex toy more effective in enhancing sexual pleasure. These parts include;

The shaft

There are different shafts on the rabbit vibrators, and one needs to select the best suitable size. To enhance G-Sport stimulation, the shaft may be curved slightly or have a flared tip. While some shafts may have vibration motors, others are designed without these features to meet the needs of everyone. Hence, in most cases, only the clitoral stimulator is present in these sex toys.

External Nub

This part of the bunny vibrator traditionally resembled a rabbit, with ears offering a fluttering, vibrational stimulation. However, the design has been improvised to include a motor, and the overall surface has been changed to offer different sensations.

Clitoral Vibrator

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To enhance vaginal and G-sport stimulation, some shafts on the bunny vibrators are designed to rotate while vibrating. This may increase the pleasure one receives from the stimulation, though not all people are into this. Therefore, it is good first to decide which kind of stimulation one needs. The rotation means the stronger muscles will move the handle in the vagina, rectum, and pelvic floor.


A bunny vibrator is always designed with a motor, whose model depends on the producing company. Since this motor is designed inside the vibrator, it may be difficult to know its type and if it is the best. However, the trick to use here is going for a stronger and rumbly vibrator. Since most bunny vibrators are not as strong as other vibrators, one can use other factors to end up with the most effective vibrator. For instance, one can consider the material used in making the motor.

Tungsten metal is the most preferred because it is denser than stainless steel and can make more rumbly vibrators. Another consideration is the surface area of the vibrator that comes into contact with the clitoris and vulva. The best rabbit vibrator should cover the vulva and the clitoris for maximum stimulation, though this also depends on individuals.

How to Use a Bunny Vibrator

It is common to assume that bunny vibrators are used for clitoral and vaginal stimulation, or both at once. However, other areas can be stimulated using this magical sex toy. On certain occasions, one may always be required to have a lubricant. The various ways of experimenting with the bunny vibrator include;

External Stimulation

The shaft of the bunny vibrator can be sued to stimulate the vulva and clitoris and the anus, testicles, nipples, and other sensitive body parts. This can be performed during foreplay with a partner or during a solo masturbation session. Since it is all about exploring one’s sexual limits, take time to understand the degree of pleasure one can get from bunny vibrator stimulation.

Both Hands Can Be Used at Once

In this case, one can use one hand to stimulate themselves by moving the vibrator against various body parts. Also, the sex toy’s handle can be held in one hand while the other holds the nub for external stimulation. This way, one can pleasure themselves by stimulating their vagina and the clitoris at the same time.

Holding Only the External Nub

One can forego holding the vibrator’s handle and instead hold the external nub. This enables one to have control over which area of their body to stimulate. However, this method may be more effective when combined with other approaches.


The bunny vibrator can also be used for thrusting, though this may require one to have sufficient practice. This is because any movement made on the handle results in movements in the handle and the clitoral vibrators, resulting in unwanted areas.

Although many bunny vibrators are designed to suit individual preferences, some can be used by almost everyone. Therefore, it is easy to find a vibrator that can serve the thrusting purpose with many hassles.


This is arguably the most suitable way of enjoying the pleasure provided by the bunny vibrator. Basically, after foreplay, the shaft is inserted in the vagina, and the clitoral stimulator is positioned rightfully. The shaft can then be rocked repeatedly while rubbing against the G-Sport, while the clitoral stimulator is ground. The pressure on the nub stimulating the clitoris can be increased or decreased depending on the pleasure and comfortability. This method gives one control over how they rub their genitals while stimulating themselves to be ecstatic and shuddering orgasms.

The Bottom Line

The bunny vibrators are best for people with vaginas that want to experience pleasure by stimulating their vaginas and clitoris at the same time. Various approaches can be taken to enhance this pleasure. Still, it depends on a personal decision as to whether to enjoy solo masturbation sessions or involve sex partners. It is easy to find a vibrator that suits individual tastes because it is made in various designs.

However, the factors used to identify the best bunny vibrators are the material used in their design and the surface area. When buying a bunny vibrator, one should go for a stronger and larger device, usually with a more effective motor to enhance the vibration effect.

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