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Sex toys have been there for centuries to enhance sexual pleasure and help users reach more powerful orgasms. They are used mainly when a couple is on a break sexually or separated, forcing the woman to find other means for sexual pleasure enhancement leading to their invention. Some of the benefits of using sex toys are discussed in this article.

Enhance extreme pleasure

Not all women can achieve the desired orgasms from penetrative sex with their partners or fingers. Most ladies admit that more powerful orgasms can be achieved through clitoral stimulation, particularly with a sex toy. For this reason, many are willing to invest in vibrators and other toys to enhance more sexual pleasure.

These devices are used by ladies when masturbating becoming the best vibrators for women but are also handy during intercourse. When incorporated in foreplay between partners, sex toys can help one to explore different dimensions of sexual pleasure other than regular penetrative sex.

Sex between partners becomes more fun.

When having intercourse, everything may not unfold as expected as much as giving each other sexual pleasure is concerned. A partner may not provide the kind of sexual stimulation one receives while masturbating; therefore, introducing sex toys might help. The lady can alert her partner about her preferences for maximum pleasure. As a result, the sex becomes more fun, as the lady and her partner explore new ways of pleasing each other in a relaxing way.


Sex toys could give multiple orgasms.

In many incidents, ladies hardly achieve two or more orgasms when having sex with their partners or masturbating. The partner may not last long to go for two or three rounds, and the fingers may become tired or cause unwanted sensations.

On the other hand, vibrators are battery-charged, meaning they can run the whole day between one’s thighs. As a result, a lady will probably experience more orgasms stimulating herself with vibrators. However, the procedure has to be followed so that one does not leave themselves with numb genitals, as it happens after using vibrators for long.

The sex becomes hotter.

Sex toys are useful when women want to open new doors for sexual satisfaction either through masturbation or with their sex partners. Through the many kinks, intercourse becomes hotter, and their bond is strengthened.

This is enhanced by the many kinds of sex toys, some of which are remote-controlled. The woman can have a butt plug stuffed in while the man controls the plug from a remote. These sex toys and other enhancements, such as handcuffs, whips, nipple clamps, bunny vibrators, are convenient in spicing up intercourse hence the best sex toys for women.

New positions can be tried with sex toys.

Many women have explored the Kamasutra, which consists of only 64 positions in most cases. However, with sex toys, one can try out new positions to please himself. These positions can also be tired out by couples.


Mutual masturbation becomes more fun.

Many women enjoy masturbating in privacy hence high sexual stimulations and intense orgasms as it is easier to trust your pace. However, masturbation can be performed while another party is watching, bringing forth stronger sexual pleasures and learning what the other partner enjoys most. The sexual bond becomes stronger when the couple learns to use various sex toys in mutual masturbation.

The ladies can explore their fantasies.

With sex toys, the woman can play many roles, either as a dominatrix sex nympho or a submissive giver. If the lady dreams of handcuffing male sex partners and whipping them, necessary toys are explored. Moreover, women who want to be submissive can have their partners buckle them up with neck collars and have their vaginas and anuses worked upon with vibrators and dildos. In this case, one needs to have enough lube for vaginal or anal penetration.

Using sex toys is a way of breaking taboos.

Many taboo stories associate sex toys with lonely women. For this reason, not many women are willing to open up to the issue of sex toys, especially if they are married. However, the best way to win over these myths is to explore sexuality using sex toys. One can start with solo masturbation before introducing the idea to their partner. Within no time, the couple will be enjoying their sex like never before and only looking forward to the next sweaty sex session with their partner.

Closing remarks.

Penetrative sex with a partner and masturbation using fingers are good ways of relieving oneself sexually. However, this fun can be multiplied using the various sex toys available today. Many sex toys are sold at affordable prices for both genders leading to more women investing in sex toys than ever before, not because they are lonely but because they wish to explore other horizons of sexual pleasure. Sex toys can help one achieve multiple orgasms through masturbation or when incorporated in the foreplay before the main intercourse.

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