Sex Kits

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Add nipple clamps, bondage blindfolds, dildos, spreader bars for sex, feather ticklers, and wrist restraint to your sex toys collection to tease and pleasure your lover like never before.

Sex kits are additional equipment you can add to your sex life to change the way you get orgasms. Surprisingly you can use them alone or with your lover to spice up things. These devices can add flavor to your relationship, whether it is a BDSM or standard couple type.

Sex Kits for Your Collection

A combination of these devices with sex lubricants makes penetrations more pleasurable. Here are the sex toy kits for couples your toys collection might be missing.

Nipple Clamps and Nipple Sex Toys

Nipples are among the sensitive parts that can heighten sexual pleasure if stimulated in the best way. Among the devices worth your attention are nipple clamps and nipple sex toys. BDSM and Bondage nipple clamps pinch, restricting blood flow and re-introducing blood flow to excite your nipples.

Nipple sex toys use air technology to draw blood into the nipples, making them larger and more sensitive. When climaxing from steamy penile action or masturbation, your lover can detach these devices to stimulate the nipples by licking, kissing, touching, or bitting gently to deliver powerful nipplegasms.

Bondage Blindfolds and Hoods

Predictable sex is normal, especially if lovers have been together for a long time; therefore, Blindfolds restrict sight, making the sub anticipatory not knowing where you will strike next. Your lover will depend on the other senses to predict your kinky moves. However, things can be more exciting with bondage hoods that completely restrict sight. Advance to bondage hoods after the blindfolds to spice up your BDSM lifestyle.

Dildos for Men and Women

They are phallic-shaped structures used in oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Some modern models have vibrating functionalities to deliver more stimulations. Some dildos look and feel like a real penis to give live stimulations.   Other types include glass dildos, classic dildos, metallic dildos, suction-base dildos, and double-ended dildos.

Spreader Bars for Sex

They are metallic or wooden bars with cuffing attachments keeping the submissive’s wrists, ankles, and thighs parted and restricting the sub’s movement, allowing the dominating partner to do all kinky stuff with little resistance.

Bondage Floggers

Flogging is fun and exciting when done in the right way. BDSM floggers enhance erotic hitting and spanking, which impacts play sex toys and deliver sting or thuddy sensations depending on the number of tails you choose. The participants should establish safe words and rules before the play for safety. Choose floggers that match your impact play experience to avoid tissue injuries. For instance, beginners can go for floggers with 20-30 tails, while advanced users can explore the pleasures and pain of 60-80 tail-floggers.

Feather Ticklers

These devices are run all over the body to tease and pleasure the sub. Sadism and Masochism feather tickler is among the best pain and sensation play sex toys. Combining them with bondage blindfolds and restraints makes the play more exciting.

Handcuffs for Bondage Play

They are made of different materials, including metal and leather. Beginners in the bondage world should go for soft handcuffs that are friendly to the skin. Metallic sex handcuffs are unforgiving as they can easily break your skin.

Guide to Purchasing Sex Kit

Purchasing sex toy sets can be a tough job for beginners. Those looking to buy sex kits for the first time should consider;

Material Used

Always go for materials that can be easily disinfected and cleaned. Also, durable material can help you save costs. Metals, TPE, and silicone should always be your top choice for penetrative sex toys. For flogging, choose suede leather floggers as they are soft, thus friendly to the skin.


Some sex toy kits have vibrating functionalities for intense stimulations. Vibrating sex kits come with settings that help you adjust the vibration intensity. Advanced models come with wired or wireless remotes to help you take charge of your pleasure. If you trust the work of hands, the non-vibrating variants can be the best choice.

How to Use Sex Kits

Be conversant with your lover while using these pleasure gods. Ensure the talk is basically about comfort zones. Create safe words and gestures for bondage play for safety purposes. Turn on soft music, then start cuddling to enhance the play’s mood. Use plenty of sex lube for penetrative sex kits. Lubrication enhances smooth penetration and more stimulation. Always check on your lover to be certain about their comfort. Avoid the ribs, spine, neck, stock, and kidney area for flogging. Your focus should be on the thighs, back, and butt.

Hygiene Tips for Sex Kits

Sex kits should be cleaned using water and mild cleaning detergent to get rid of bacteria. Alternatively, you can use recommended toy cleaners to eradicate more bacteria. Some of these cleaning solutions are rinsed with water, and others are not rinsed.

Sex toys cleaning solutions are best for replenishing the material, making them last longer in good condition as they were bought. Storage is also important to prevent accumulating dust from the surrounding. Storage options include zipper pouches, golden storage bags, among others. Also, they can be stored in their packaging bags.

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