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Sex dolls companies have continued to take shape, especially in the era of divorce and social distancing. No hot-blooded man wants to miss out on the sexual pleasure in his life. Therefore, instead of cheating on their lovers, people can now get love dolls to keep their orgasm flight in motion. Even though certain communities have been rivaling against the use of dolls, sex experts have defended the practice and promoted it as the best way of staying faithful in relationships. As a result, most people have made pornstar sex dolls their full-time partners, and they are enjoying sexual life. Since these lifesize dolls have all the features for sexual pleasure, they can give you the same sensations as those provided by real women. However, choosing the best doll might be challenging, especially for beginners. Thus, this article discusses everything you need to know about lifesize dolls.

What Are Lifesize Dolls?

Lifesize dolls are precious beings created to elevate your sexual experience whether alone or with your partner. They are also referred to as pornstar real dolls devices that spice up any sexual experience and add adventure to the game. There are numerous spectrums in the market to choose from. The tools are made from different safe materials, such as silicone, rubber, latex, and plastic. Furthermore, they are available in a wide range of shapes and designs to allow you to bring pleasure from your favorite position. For example, you will get a doggy style, standing upright, bend-over, and legs apart-sex dolls to fulfill your fantasies.

Types of Lifesize Dolls

There are several realistic lifesize dolls in the market, tested and approved to provide an enjoyable, safe, and long experience. From the position to the maintenance, the dolls stand by their features to serve you perfectly just like the real woman. They include;

Entry-Level Sex Dolls

If you are anticipating enjoying real pleasure in absence of your partner, especially the beginners, grab these amazing beautiful entry-level sex dolls. This category is considerably more comfortable than their lifesize counterparts. They serve as a stepping stone before you finally go for the full-size sex doll. These masterpieces have all the incredible features that you would want in a sexy woman for an erotic experience. For example, they have soft and smooth boobs with erect nipples to attract your attention. Some come in clothing, while others are shipped half or fully naked. Moreover, they come in flesh-like colors to make you feel like making love with a real partner. The dolls are compatible with lubes, easy to clean, store, and maintain.

Mid-Range Sex Dolls

Are you looking for an easy-to-use realistic lifesize sex doll that will bring your pleasure in different positions? This wonderful category comprises all shapes of dolls to fulfill your sex dreams. Is it a doggy style, bend over, legs up and open, or a standing position that satisfies you? Here, you will be served perfectly and to the fullest without asking questions. The dolls are made from varied materials, including TPE, latex, silicone, and plastic to give you a worry-less experience. Mid-range sex dolls are more affordable and realistic in functionality. Some feature two holes, while others have three entries, including a succulent vagina, a welcoming ass, and an open mouth ready to swallow your hard rock penis. Dolls in this category have thin metal skeletons to enhance flexibility and less robust movable joints to improve mobility. Therefore, if you love bringing pleasure to different positions, choose this type.

High-End Luxury Sex Dolls

High-end luxury sex dolls are the best that you can own for great sensation whether in a solo play or with your partner. The dolls are crafted by the best designers from high-quality materials to ensure you get a frustrating-free experience. Everything, including the fingernails, eyelashes, butts, breasts, and hair are made perfectly to give them super realistic looks. The three holes; ass, vagina, and mouth, are well-created to create a romantic impression and provide a stronger pleasure during sex. The dolls are cured meticulously to ensure your sexual pleasure is fulfilled nonstop. Moreover, they feature strong skeletons and joints to offer complete firmness.

Factors to Consider When Buying Lifesize Dolls

There are numerous factors to consider before buying a realistic life-size doll, especially for beginners. These include;

The Materials Used

The material should be the first thing to put into play when selecting the ideal sex doll. While there are many types of materials used to replicate these devices, silicone and TPE are the most used and favorable materials. However, some people prefer rough materials to fulfill their fantasies. Thus, the choice of material depends on the individual desires. The rule of thumb is to check the best for you before buying.

Size of The Love Doll

Size depends on several factors, such as budget, your body size, and desires. It is recommended that you select one that is slightly smaller than your body size and less heavy than your weight to increase the sensations.

Consider Appearance and Functionality

Sex is not only about vaginal or anal penetration. You may need more than that when it comes to fulfilling all the fantasies. For example, you would love to play with breasts, suck nipples, and kiss her lips. Thus, you should consider the features you want your doll to have when buying.

Lifesize Dolls User and Safety Tips

  • Dress her in a sexy outfit to increase her romantic impression.
  • Use a sleeve warmer to warm the doll or wrap in the blanket for 15 minutes for more pleasure.
  • Ensure that she is at the right tempo before getting into the business.
  • Lube up with your favorite lube to make the massaging and penetration easy and more enjoyable.
  • Put the doll in the right position before starting the game to prevent injuries.
  • Clean up the doll immediately after you are done with it.
  • After washing, dry up completely to prevent the entry of infectious agents.
  • Store them correctly to avoid contamination.


Realistic life-size dolls have eliminated the pressure to buy sex toys that may not fulfill your fantasies. The dolls come in human size and have all features that you may want to enjoy in sex life. They are made from different materials and shapes to fulfill your sexual desires. Even though there are numerous types in the market, choosing the ideal sized, textured, and designed pornstar sex dolls provides you with perfect pleasure.

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