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You can enjoy sex almost anywhere apart from the bedroom. From masturbating in public washrooms to offices, you can also have sexual stimulation in the swimming pool, bathtub, or shower using your favorite sex toy. The sex toy or vibrator used in the shower or the bathtub full of water must be waterproof to prevent water entry to its interior parts. You can acquire waterproof vibrators of many types designed in various colors, shapes, and sizes. These types range from cock rings and penis extenders for men to pussy pumps, rabbit vibrators, and butt plugs for women. Everyone gets to have the vibrator designed to help them achieve multiple orgasms without breaking down when exposed to water or moisture.

Buying a Waterproof Vibrator

There is a wide range of bath and shower sex toys for men and women. You can get many versions of the waterproof vibrators because they are designed in many shapes, colors, and sizes. These vibrators can be bullet vibrators or bunnies, made from various materials, like silicone, rubber, or plastic. However, the problem becomes identifying the vibrator that is waterproof before even using the toy on yourself.

Reading the device’s description on its print will help you identify a waterproof sex toy. A waterproof vibrator for water sex should not break down when immersed in water, unlike splashproof vibrators, which can only be wiped with a wet cloth. If the print reads immersible, the vibrator is safe for use underwater. Another way of identifying a waterproof vibrator is by checking how the device is assembled. For electric waterproof vibrators, most of their essential parts are concealed and water-tight, preventing water entry. These vibrators have their point of recharging is correctly sealed.

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Waterproof vibrators & dildos are ideal for those people who want to experience orgasms while alone in the bathroom. This can also be explored when relaxing in a warm bathtub with little disturbance from the outside world. The vibrators, especially rabbit vibrators, can only be used in the privacy of your home because they can be loud at times and are not the best option for masturbation in public.

Waterproof vibrators can be used by couples in the shower, depending on the type of sex toy you choose to use. Technology has made it easier to manufacture almost all sex toys with waterproof ability. Certain cock ring vibrators are waterproof for men and can be used during foreplay while in the shower with a sex partner. The same applies to women, as many anal vibrators, pussy pumps, and other sex toys can be used underwater. This ensures that your sexual pleasure is enhanced before the main sex act with a partner in the bathroom.

After deciding on the sex toy to use underwater, the next step involves knowing how to use waterproof sex toys for incredible shower sex. The following are some essential tips to help you experience the most exciting fun with your waterproof vibrators.

Using the Appropriate Lube

Although water-based lubes are the most preferred for most sex toys, they are not very effective for waterproof vibrators. This is because they are immediately washed away when you enter the shower. Silicone lubes are ideal for waterproof vibrators made from glass, plastic, or metal. These lubricants are long-lasting and water-resistant. If the vibrator is made from silicone material, it will only require a small amount of water-based lubricant to enjoy the game in the shower.

The Vibrator Should be Tightly Sealed

When using a waterproof vibrator in the shower or the swimming pool, ensure that the toy is tightly closed to keep off any water. If the toy is electric, seal the recharging port. Also, twist the base of the sex toy to ensure it is closed completely. This twisting also ensures that the vibrator is stable and cannot fall off as you make movements.

The Vibrator Can Get Noisier

Some waterproof vibrators are designed for use in the shower, while others are used in the bathtub. Therefore, choose the sex toy depending on where you intend to use them. Certain waterproof vibrators & dildos can be noisier when wholly immersed in water and are not ideal for bathtub use. It would be best to use these devices in the shower.

Choose the Vibrator That is Easier to Use

Not all waterproof vibrators can be used with ease and repeatedly to enhance sexual pleasure. Go for the sex toy you can use and preserve for its next use. Such sex toys can be left in the bathroom without spoiling.

Bottom Line

Technological advancements have seen many sex toys invented for men and women who want to add some fun to their sex life. As a result, sex can now be enjoyed almost anywhere apart from the bedroom. From masturbating in public washrooms to offices, you can also have sexual stimulation in the swimming pool, bathtub, or shower using your bath and shower sex toy. However, the sex toy or vibrator used in the shower or the bathtub must be waterproof. You can order the best and latest versions of these vibrators for the novice and those with experience in sexual kinks and fetishes.

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